Saint Jude's Church, Savile Park: World War I Names

This list shows the names which appear on the Memorial at St Jude's Church, Savile Park

The names are shown here in alphabetical order, whereas the original Memorial may show them organised in some other manner, and possibly with only initials.

I have linked some of the names here to entries on the website. Please email me if you can identify any of the people here or add more details

(possibly) George Adams
(possibly) W. Anderton
John Anderton
Reginald Anderton
Ernest Appleyard
William H. Armstrong
(possibly) John Grover Ashby

John Baldwin
Roland Banks
Arthur Banks
Harold Banks
James W. Banks
Leslie Banks
William Percival Banks
John Bardsley
Horace Baxter
Harold I. Bearder
Edward Beecroft
Archie Bentley
Carl Berry
Arthur Beverley
Trevor Grayson Binns
Gerald Binns
Sam S. Bonner
Alfred Bottomley
Frank Brearley
John Brennand
Wilfred Brennand
Fred Butterworth

Arnold G. Carter
George Clapham
Arthur Cocker
Herbert Conroy
Gilbert Cooke
Louis Cooke
William Cooke
Kenneth Cunningham

Robert Dalzel
Tom Dalzell
Walter Dicks
Carl Penrose Dixon
Edgar Dixon
Charles E. Dixon
John Dixon
Alfred Draper
Jon Gilbert Dyson

Albert Eastwood
Gilbert Eastwood
Bernard E. Eccles

Clifford Foster
J. Henry Frobisher
Chas Ed Frobisher
John H. Frobisher
Rideal Frobisher

Charles E. Galloway
Leslie Gaukroger
David Goldthorp
Harold Goldthorp
Reginald Goldthorp
Sidney D. Goldthorp
John W. Greenwood

Arthur Haigh
Ralph Fitton Hanson
Cecil Hardy
Clement Hardy
Wilfred Harley
Arthur Harrison
(possibly) John Armitage Hartley
Jack Hartley
Stephen Hartley
Ray Howarth
Richard Haynes
Wilfred Haynes
William Haynes
Douglas Helliwell
Hilton Heslop
Thomas Hey
Albert Hickman
Harold Hickman
Dennis Hiorns
Cecil Hirst
Arthur J. C. Hirst
Percy Hirst
Charles Hobson
Percy Hodgson
Arnold Holdsworth
Frank Holdsworth
Arthur Hollos
Sydney Hollos
Horace Howell
Alexander Hume

William Jones

Charles V. Keighley
Arthur Haddon Kippax
John E. Kippax

Tom Lamb
Claude E. Lee
Fred M. Lee
George R. Lee
Thomas H. Lee
William J. Lee
Cyril Longbottom

Charles Manger
Stanley Matthewman
James Midgley
Norman Mills
Hubert Norman Mitchell
Claude Murgatroyd

Alexander G. Naylor
Charles Newsome
Frank Newsome
Fred Newsome
Godfrey Noble
Sydney Noble

George Leslie Oates
Ray Obrien
Archibald G. Oyler

William Popperil
Clement Pulman

James Reid
Walter J. Reid
Trevor Riley
Jesse Robinson
Victor Robinson
Charles W. Rouse
Clifford D. Rushton
Frank Rylands

Eric Scadding
Norris A. Scadding
George Scholefield
Alexander Adam Seaton
John Seed
Wilfred Seed
Eli Walker Shaw
Harold Shaw
William Simpson
Harold Smith
John Smith
Reginald Smith
George Vincent Smith
Donald Sparling
Charles Clifford Stott
Frank Gordon Stott

Leonard Tabrah
Harry Tate
Percy Taylor
Edwin Taylor
James H. Taylor
John H. Taylor
Robert Norman Taylor
Thomas Taylor
Alan K. Thirnbeck
Roy Thirnbeck
Frederick Thomas
George Tinker
Louis F. Tinker
Hubert Town
Eric Townsend
Frank Turner
G. McDougal Turner
Philip Turner

Percy Wadsworth
Maurice Walker
Samuel Walker
Julien M. Walton
Robert Watkin
Ernest Watson
Henry Wayman
George A. Webster
Dr Frederick Whitaker
Harry Whitehead
J. Harold Wilkinson
Sidney Wilson
Joe Woodhead

Maurice Youngman

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