Saint Bernard's Catholic Church: World War I Names

This list shows the names of those who fell in World War I which appear on the Memorial at St Bernard's Catholic Church, Range Bank, Halifax

The names are shown here in alphabetical order, whereas the original Memorial may show them organised in some other manner, and possibly with only initials.

I have linked some of the names here to entries on the website. Please email me if you know anyone who is missing from the list below, or you can identify any of the people here or add more details

James Armstrong
Robert Armstrong

Thomas D. Barlow
Thomas J. Barlow
George Bates
Daniel Benson
Thomas Benson
Arthur Blunt
Patrick Joseph Boland
Thomas Boyd
Dermot Eugene Brennan
James Brennan
John William Brennan
Thomas Briggs
Guiton Brindley
Wilfred Hodgson Buckley
Robert Bush

Robert Caden
Bernard Campbell
Walter Canning
Thomas Henry Carle
Daniel Carney
George Carroll
James Carroll
Robert Henry Carroll
Fred Clarkin
John Clarkin
John Cleary
Glyn T. Clifford
Arthur Collins
James Edward Connell
Patrick Joseph Connell
James Cooney
James E. Cowan
Richard Crabtree
William Culpan
Charlie Cunningham
Frank Cunningham
Patrick John Cunningham

Jack Dalton
William Denton
Francis Dews
William Dickinson
James Dignam
Charles Doherty
Michael Doherty
Richard Duffy
Martin Duggan
James Durkin

James Egan

Michael Fallon
John Farrell
John Francis Faulkes
William Fee
James Feeley
Peter Firth
John Fitzpatrick
John Fitzsimmons
Henry Fleming
Thomas Fletcher
William Fletcher
John Flynn
Michael Ford

John Joseph Gallagher
Thomas Galvin
John William Greenwood

John Henry Hamm
Richard Hanson
John Hardiman
Thomas F. Harold
John W. Henry
James Higgins
James Joseph Highley

John Illingworth
Edward Johnson
Thomas Johnson

John Edward Kane
Thomas Kearney
Edward Keirns
James Kelly
John William Kelly
William Kelly
James Kennedy
Joseph Kilkenny

Patrick Larkin
James Lawlor
Patrick Lawlor
Timothy Lyons

Thomas James Mageen
John Marron
Felix Patrick Marsh
John McDonald
Victor McDonald
Albert McGuiness
John McGuire
John McHale
John McLaren
Sylvester Merrion
Patrick Moran
George Moroney
Thomas Moroney
Mitchell Joseph Mulholland
Thomas Bernard Mulroy
James Murphy
John Henry Murphy
Thomas Murphy

Harold Naylor
Richard Needham
Thomas Needham

Harry O'Brien
John O'Brien
John Willie O'Brien
Joseph O'Brien
Patrick O'Hara

Joe Parkinson

Bartholomew Quinn
Eamonn Quinn
Patrick Joseph Quinn
Thomas Quinn

Sidney Ratcliffe
James Ramsden
John Raney
Duke Reid
William Rennick
James Roche
Thomas Rochford
William Rock
Edward Ruane
Ambrose Ryan

James Alfred Seccombe
Ingham Sennett
James A. Sennett
Patrick Shannon
William Shaw
James Sheard
Edward Sloan
Peter Sloan
Bernard Smith
Ernest Smith
Leslie Ambrose Smith
William Sutcliffe
Patrick Swift

Edward Tolan

Patrick Walsh
John Ward
Peter Whelan

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