John Mackintosh & Sons Limited: Roll Of Honour

The Foldout lists some of the employees of John Mackintosh & Sons Limited who served and/or died in the Great War

The names are shown here in alphabetical order, whereas the original Memorial may show them organised in some other manner, and possibly with only initials.

I have linked some of the names here to entries on the website. Please email me if you know anyone who is missing from the list below, or you can identify any of the people here or add more details

Where appropriate, those who died are indicated by

Reginald France Addison
T. Anclum
G. Andrew
Osmund Appleyard
G. Ashton
H. Ashworth

J. Bancroft
L. Banks
Willie Ralph Barber
W. Belshaw
I. Bentley
Fred Bentley
Eric William Berry
G. Binns
Wilfred Binns
James William Blamires
G. Bradley
B. Brewer
F. Brewer
W. Broadbent
J. Brown
J. Burns

Harry Carter
H. Castle
A. Clark
J. Conyers
A. Cox
J. Cundall

Thomas Frost Dalzell
B. Dean
Arthur Dewhirst
E. Dixon
T. Dorsey
P. Durrans

S. Eaton
H. Ell
W. Ellerby

A. Farren
J. Foster
M. Foster
F. Freeman
J. Freeman
R. Frobisher

J. Gascoyne
F. Glover
A. Green
B. Greenwood
C. Greenwood
E. Greenwood
P. Greenwood
W. Greenwood
S. Griffiths

R. Haley
C. N. Hardcastle
W. Hardcastle
L. Harris
P. Harris
F. Hawkins
Frank Hensby
J. Hilder
H. Hines
J. Hitchcock
W. Holden
T. Howarth

Joe Willie Iredale

E. M. Jackson
G. Jackson
H. Jackson
J. Jenkinson
Herbert Jennings
H. Johnson
E. E. Jones
L. Jowett

G. Kempston
T. Kent
J. Kerwin

C. Larkin
R. J. Latham
G. Lewis
C. Lovell

Harold Vincent Mackintosh
John Douglas Victor Mackintosh
F. Mann
A. Manson
H. Maude
E. Mcandrews
Arthur McDanielson
H. Mcdanielson
George Mellin
A. V. Millar
L. Milner
E. Mitchell
L. Mortimer
H. Murgatroyd

W. Ogden

G. Parkinson
W. Peel
R. Peel
F. H. Pickard
P. Proctor
T. Proctor

J. G. Reid
W. R. Reid
H. Richardson
G. W. Riley
J. M. Riley
T. H. Riley
J. S. Robertson
C. Robinson
H. Robinson
J. Rooke
R. Roper
E. Ross
L. Rothery
Sam Royals
W. Russell

N. Sanderson
R. Saunders
F. Scott
A. Sellers
William James Shenton
H. Skirrow
J. H. Skirrow
J. W. Skirrow
Fred Smith
H. Spencer
S. Stephenson
J. Stevenson
A. Stow
E. H. Sutcliffe
L. Sutcliffe
G. H. Swan
Robert Swan
A. Swancott
W. Swindells

F. Tarn
J. Taylor
John Taylor
L. G. Taylor
H. Teal
James Thornton
E. Tiffany
J. Tillotson
J. W. Todd
H. Townham
P. Turner

A. Wade
J. Wade
J. Wade
A. Ward
V. Ward
W. Ward
D. Wardle
L. Washington
F. Wells
Fred Kenyon Whitehead
E. Widnall
Hubert Wilson
W. Wood

P. Zeylmans

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