Documents relating to John Stansfeld

The following documents mention John Stansfeld and members of his family

John appears in the Manorial Court Rolls on a number of occasions

  • At the Halifax Turn, Ralph Stansfeld, John de Stansfeld, John son of Ralph Stansfeld and R...... [damaged] Stansfeld were attached for assaulting Richard and Thomas Horneclif, shooting at them and drawing blood, and making a great affray [1416]

  • He was presented for cutting wood at Hipperholme [1429, 1437, 1438, 1440]

  • He was a juror at Hipperholme court [1431]

  • At the Brighouse Turn, he was presented for non-attendance [1433, 1439]

  • At Halifax Turn, he was presented for digging turves on the moor of Northowram, and the same year was defendant in a suit re common of pasture in Horwythyns in the greaveship of Hipperholme [1434]

  • He was presented 4 times for digging turves in Mikilmosse, Northowram [Between 1435, 1438]

  • He was defendant in a suit of trespass brought by William Sharpp [1439]

1428, 1 Oct. Power of Attorney. John Kyng, Vicar of Halifax, Henry Sayvell of Copley, John de Stansfeld, son of Ralph de Stansfeld, and John Mylner of Bradley, to Ralph Smyth of Stansfeld. To take seisin in the name of the aforesaid persons from Robert de Crosselee of messuage and appurtenances called Broad Bottom in Wadsworth.

Witnesses; John Rysheworth, William Otes of Halifax and Richard Lyster of Halifax.

[WYAS SU/B:28]


1434, Feast of St Lawrence, Quit claim: John son of Ralph de Stansfeld to Adam Bemond [Beaumont] his heirs and assigns the whole of his rights and claims which he held in a certain parcel of land and one messuage and four bovates of land in the Old Town of Wadsworth.

Witnesses: William Devyle, Henry Savel, Robert Bemond, Thomas Dalton, William Aykrod, Robert Southclyffe.

[transcribed in Halifax Antiquarian Transactions, Burlees and Old Town, by J. H. Ogden]


William de Methelay and John de Methelay, sons of Thomas de Methelay esquire and Ellen his wife daughter of John de Wodehede, to John de Stansfelde, son of Ralph de Stansfelde esquire (armigeri), his heirs and assigns.

Quit-claim with warranty of all lands, rents and services of the said William in Herteshede and Lyversege, which by deed indented he gave to John de Stansfelde, his heirs and assigns for 120 years from the feast of St Martin in winter 1438.

Witnesses: John Hopton, Robert Myrfelde, Christopher de Ryshworth, Thomas de Thonge, William Ottes chaplain.

Dated Herteshede, 16 June 18 Henry VI.

Close Rolls, June 1440


Ralph and John de Stansfeld descended from John son of Essolf, Thomas de Thonge descended from his brother Richard son of Essolf

1443 Wakefield Manor Court Tourn, John Stansfeld of Hiprom surrendered the Royd in Sourbyshire to Thomas. Wylkynson, vicar of the church of Halifax and Thomas Stronger, capellanus

1446, It is presented before Thos Haryngton, esq. seneschal of the king of Blakeburneshire that John Stansfeld of Hertisheued, co. York, gent, on Friday before the Nativity of the Virgin 25 Hen. VI at Habryngeham in a place called Thom place of Legh which John Clerk held of the king according to the customer of the manor took 6 oxen, 10 cows, one bull, one heifer and three calves price 10 pounds of Hugh Kesketh against the peace of the king.

[Lanc Arch DDTO O 12/110]


1452. We Thos. Butler & Alice my wife & Ric. Banastr sometime of Brokden notyse yt we are in true contennaunce with Thomas Leygh, Jon Tounlay & Thrusthan Banaster. From the third day of September .... Henry the VI xxxj unto Martynmese next following.... as for the manor of Shotiworth & all other lands & tenements which were late Isabels of the Leygh And qwer yt one Jon de Stansfeld & oyer has taken from Jon de Tounlay certain gudes & catell against our will.... for which offence we .... shall never avoye susten nor mayntene the forsaid Jon Stansfeld .... (seal) 

[Lanc Arch DDTO/O/12/112]


1455 Award concerning certain lands in Hapton co Lancs. By Robert Newell esq; and others, between John Townley and Hugh Hesketh of Rufford, esqs. and John Stansfeld of HertheHede, gentleman.

[Chetham Society. The Raines Collection C.6.34 – E.5.7 ]


1455, Bond: John Stansfeld, gent. and John Rissheworth, gent. to John Tounley in 200 pounds... etc.

[Lanc Arch DDTO K 10/32]


1456, 20 Jun, Grant: Richard Pek, son of John Pek of Southowram to Nicholas Worteley, Esquire, Thomas Wilkinson, Vicar of Halifax, John Sayvyl of Copley, John Ryshworth of Coldeley and John Stansfeld, all messuages and lands which he lately held at the grant of Nicholas Worteley, etc.

[Nat Arch SH:1/DH/1456 Jun 20]


1459, 4 Jan, Grant: Nicholas Worteley, esquire, Thomas Wilkinson, Vicar of Halifax, John Sayvyll fo Copley, John Rysshworth of Coldley and John Stansfeld to Thomas Neylson, citizen and merchant of York, all messuages, lands etc. which he lately had of Richard Pek, in Southowram.

[Nat Arch SH:1/DH/1459 Jan 4/1]


1459, 4 Jan, Appointment: Nicholas Worteley, esquire, Thomas Wilkinson, Vicar of Halifax, John Sayvyll of Copley John Rysshworth of Coldley and John Stansfeld to William Bentley, as their attorney to deliver seisin.

[Nat. Arch SH1/DH/1459 Jan 4/2]


1460. Grant.

William Fleming the elder of Wath grants and confirms to John Stancefeld of Hertishede and Geffrey Stancefeld his son a certain annual rent of £1 6s/8d to be taken out of a house in Clyfton.

Witnesses: Thomas Bartrem, William Blakeburn, William Bayner of Lyversege.

Given at Wath, 12 May 1460.

[Gibson bundle 12 – 1. Hebden Bridge Local History Society]


1460, 11 Jun, Grant: William Cosyn, senior, of Clyfton, to Master Thomas Goodeale and Sir John Palden, chaplain, of lands in Clyfton.

Witnesses: John Stansfeld of Herteshede, gent, John Bythe Broke, William Walhair (?) of Lyverseghe, parson, William Stonys, William Roger de Brystall

[Nat Arch KM/117]


John Stanesfeld and his sons are bound to accept the decision of William Mirfeld and Thurstan Banastr, arbitrators for the part of John Stanesfeld, and Henry Sothell and Walter Calveley, on the part of Hugh Hesketh and John Towneley, respecting the title to Bradley in Hapton.

No date.

[transcribed in History of the Family of Stansfeld, p.274]


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