Hanson's Mill, Halifax: World War I Names

This list shows the names of those employees who served and/or fell in World War I which appeared on the Memorial at Hanson's Mill, Halifax

The names are shown here in alphabetical order, whereas the original Memorial may show them organised in some other manner, and possibly with only initials.

I have linked some of the names here to entries on the website. Please email me if you know anyone who is missing from the list below, or you can identify any of the people here or add more details

Where appropriate, those who died are indicated by

W. A. Bamber
H. Bamford
H. Barber
N. W. Beaumont
G. Bohun

H. Edmonds

Clifford Firth

G. Gray
H. Gray

W. Hall
F. Halliday
R. F. Hanson
J. Hind
A. Holden
Arthur Lewis Holmes
H. Holt
J. H. Holt

G. Livsey
E. Lodge

F. Mitton

John Noble

E. Roberston
R. Roberts
F. Robinson

Albert Stott
M. Sunderland

H. Taylor
M. Tynan

John Thomas Whiteley

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