Saint Anne's Churchyard, Southowram
Burials by Grave Number

This list shows the burials in the Churchyard at St Anne's Church, Southowram

For convenience, the Grave Numbers are those used in the Calderdale Family History Society CD entitled Halifax Monumental Inscriptions #3. These numbers do not necessarily match those in other sources

F-Ref 367-F-

These graves are at the front – South side of the Church

F-A3Ref 367-F-A3
Abraham Noble

F-A7Ref 367-F-A7
John Freeman

F-A8Ref 367-F-A8
Lewis Shaw

F-A9Ref 367-F-A9
Joshua Farrar / Abel Hartley

F-A10Ref 367-F-A10
William Ellis Walker

F-A11Ref 367-F-A11
John Haigh / Moses Haigh

F-A14Ref 367-F-A14
Henry Sutcliffe

F-A22Ref 367-F-A22
William Haigh

F-A23Ref 367-F-A23
Members of St Anne's Sabbath School, Southowram:

  • Charles Haigh who died 26th June 1862, aged 18 years
  • Jane Haigh who died 10th July 1862, aged 25 years
  • John Haigh who died 28th July 1862, aged 23 years

F-A36Ref 367-F-A36
George Henry Jenkinson

F-A37Ref 367-F-A37
William Clayton

F-B3-4Ref 367-F-B3-4

Edward Baines / Robert Dennison

F-B5Ref 367-F-B5
James Brearley

F-B6Ref 367-F-B6
Samuel Farrar / Eliza Woodhead

F-B8Ref 367-F-B8
William Marshall / Norrie Warden Marshall

F-B9Ref 367-F-B9
William Richardson

F-B11Ref 367-F-B11
Arthur Riley / Ann Fox [1810-7th May 1869]

F-B12Ref 367-F-B12
James Schorfield

F-B13Ref 367-F-B13
Joseph Oates

F-B14Ref 367-F-B14
Joseph Robertshaw / John Robertshaw

F-B15Ref 367-F-B15
William Robertshaw

F-B16Ref 367-F-B16
John Lister / granddaughter Elizabeth Ann Hemingway, daughter of Isaac Hemingway

F-B17Ref 367-F-B17
Joseph Hebblethwaite / Charles Newsome / William Newsome

F-B18Ref 367-F-B18
George Mallinson

F-B19Ref 367-F-B19
Ann Mallinson & daughter Sarah Ann

F-B20Ref 367-F-B20
Abraham Gledhill / Jonathan Calvert

F-B22Ref 367-F-B22
John Thornton

F-B23Ref 367-F-B23
Wife & daughter of John Haigh / Children of James Haigh

F-B24Ref 367-F-B24
Sylvester Bretel

F-B25Ref 367-F-B25
John Schofield

F-B26Ref 367-F-B26
Charles Norton

F-B27Ref 367-F-B27
Samuel Haigh / Abraham Haigh

F-B28Ref 367-F-B28
Joseph Hebblethwaite

F-B35Ref 367-F-B35
Jonas Smith

F-C1Ref 367-F-C1
William Henry Noble / James Townend

F-C3Ref 367-F-C3
Henry Nicholl

F-C4Ref 367-F-C4
John Hebblethwaite / Lucy Ann Patefield

F-C5Ref 367-F-C5

John Hemingway / Samuel Haigh [1838-29th August 1879]

F-C28Ref 367-F-C28
William Hebblethwaite

F-C29Ref 367-F-C29
Thomas Mallinson

F-C30Ref 367-F-C30

Joseph Leeming Jennings /

F-C31Ref 367-F-C31
William Dixon

F-C32Ref 367-F-C32
Simeon Jenkinson / John Jenkinson

F-C33Ref 367-F-C33
Edward Jenkinson

F-C34Ref 367-F-C34
Solomon Haigh

F-C35Ref 367-F-C35
William Haigh

F-C36Ref 367-F-C36
/ [E 43]

Jeremiah Jennings

F-C37Ref 367-F-C37
& R-H24

Jonathan Nicholl

F-D3Ref 367-F-D3
William Westwood / Ernest Hargreaves Westwood

F-D28Ref 367-F-D28
James Ingham / James Newsom [1807-16th February 1835]

F-D36Ref 367-F-D36
Dobson Sunderland

F-D38Ref 367-F-D38
William Mallinson

F-E4Ref 367-F-E4
Job Haigh / James Haigh

F-E9Ref 367-F-E9
Bairstow Broomhead

F-E28Ref 367-F-E28
John Shore

F-F5Ref 367-F-F5
-F6 / I9

James Farrar / Herbert Hartley Farrar

F-F13Ref 367-F-F13
Joseph Dixon / Elizabeth Roebuck

F-G2Ref 367-F-G2

David Crowther Holmes

F-I19Ref 367-F-I19
Family of Robert Ramsden

F-I25Ref 367-F-I25
James Brear

F-J1Ref 367-F-J1

Dr John Lister / Anne Lister / Marian Lister / Dr Charles Edmond Lister / John Lister

F-J5Ref 367-F-J5
Samuel Farrar / Ernest Albert Farrar

F-J7Ref 367-F-J7
Riley Manks

F-J8Ref 367-F-J8
Charles Haigh / William Haigh

F-J9Ref 367-F-J9
Thomas Ingle / David Haigh

F-J11Ref 367-F-J11
Thomas Wilkinson Hemingway / Henry James Houldsworth Thompson

F-J12Ref 367-F-J12
John Thompson / James Wigglesworth Thompson

F-J17Ref 367-F-J17
Joshua Haigh

F-J19Ref 367-F-J19
Daughters of Henry Haigh

F-J20Ref 367-F-J20
David Haigh / Joshua Hobson

F-K5Ref 367-F-K5
John Gomersall / Jane Cockroft [1833-5th January 1892] & Edgar Cockroft [1866-31st May 1893]

F-K8Ref 367-F-K8
Family of Joseph Baines

F-K9Ref 367-F-K9
[N13] Abraham Haigh

F-K11Ref 367-F-K11
Joseph Crowther

F-K19Ref 367-F-K19
Godfrey Aspinall

F-K21Ref 367-F-K21
Charles Haigh

F-L1Ref 367-F-L1
Henry Thompson / Walter Leonard Thompson

F-L8Ref 367-F-L8
Samuel Taylor / Edward Wynne Humphreys

F-L11Ref 367-F-L11
William Bottomley

F-L13Ref 367-F-L13
[O15] Alfred Freeman

F-L14Ref 367-F-L14
John Greenwood

F-L17Ref 367-F-L17
Seth Fawthrop

F-L20Ref 367-F-L20
James Bastow

F-L22Ref 367-F-L22
Benjamin Taylor

F-L23Ref 367-F-L23
Samuel Taylor

F-L25Ref 367-F-L25
Rev James West

F-L28Ref 367-F-L28
Joseph Naylor

F-M3Ref 367-F-M3
Richard Denton

F-M10Ref 367-F-M10
[P 16] Family of Jabez Smith / Hannah [1816-28th June 1886] widow of William Oates

F-M14Ref 367-F-M14
William Bentley

F-M16Ref 367-F-M16
William Mills

F-M17Ref 367-F-M17
John Appleyard / John Appleyard

F-M19Ref 367-F-M19
/ P21

Jonah Broomhead

F-M28Ref 367-F-M28
Dorothy Barber / John Barber

F-N5Ref 367-F-N5
James Broadbent

F-N6Ref 367-F-N6
John Sutcliffe / Charles Thornton

F-N7Ref 367-F-N7
William Thornton

F-N14Ref 367-F-N14
Family of James Shaw

F-N19Ref 367-F-N19
Benjamin Boothman

F-N22Ref 367-F-N22
Abram Ellis

F-N28Ref 367-F-N28
William Barber / William Barber

F-O2Ref 367-F-O2
Daniel Maude

F-O4Ref 367-F-O4
/ [E 38]

John Alderson / Wife & daughter of Thomas Jennings

F-O6Ref 367-F-O6
John Pratt

F-O8Ref 367-F-O8
George Haigh / James Whitworth [1801-9th January 1868]

F-O22Ref 367-F-O22
Augustus Spain / George Augustus Spain

F-O23Ref 367-F-O23
Isaac Thwaite / John Thwaite

F-O24Ref 367-F-O24
Isaac Thwaite / William Thwaite / Arthur William Thwaite

F-P1Ref 367-F-P1
Joseph Haigh / Joseph Haigh [1835-6th July 1906]

F-P2Ref 367-F-P2
Samuel Cooper

F-P4Ref 367-F-P4
John Denham

F-P6Ref 367-F-P6
Children of William Milnes

F-P13Ref 367-F-P13
James Thornton

F-P16Ref 367-F-P16
James Thornton

F-P17Ref 367-F-P17
Ann Lister

F-P18Ref 367-F-P18
[S21 & S22]

Joseph Richardson / Thomas Lister Richardson

F-P19Ref 367-F-P19
[S21 & S22]

John Richardson / Joseph Richardson

F-P21Ref 367-F-P21
William Hodgson / William Hodgson

F-P23Ref 367-F-P23
Martha Dennison

F-Q2Ref 367-F-Q2
John Fawthrop / Hainsworth Fawthrop

F-Q3Ref 367-F-Q3
Edward Womersley / William Womersley

F-Q5Ref 367-F-Q5

John Womersley / Simeon Womersley

F-Q6Ref 367-F-Q6
Abraham Thornton

F-Q7Ref 367-F-Q7
Jacob Naylor

F-Q10Ref 367-F-Q10
Samuel Milnes / James Milnes

F-Q12Ref 367-F-Q12
Richard Priestley

F-Q14Ref 367-F-Q14
John Barrow

F-Q20Ref 367-F-Q20
Thomas Drake

F-Q23Ref 367-F-Q23
William Sheard

F-Q24Ref 367-F-Q24
Thomas Naylor

F-Q25Ref 367-F-Q25
Thomas Abbey Bottomley

F-Q26Ref 367-F-Q26
William Barber

F-Q27Ref 367-F-Q27
David Farrar

F-Q29Ref 367-F-Q29
Jonathan Manks / children of Arthur Haigh

F-Q32Ref 367-F-Q32
Joseph Rhodes

F-R1Ref 367-F-R1
Samuel Freeman / Margaret Matilda Freeman / Frances Wightman / Hanson Freeman / Henry Freeman / Samuel Freeman

F-R6Ref 367-F-R6
John Shaw

F-R8Ref 367-F-R8
[U 10]

William Oates

F-R14Ref 367-F-R14
Children of Henry Holmes / his brother James Holmes [1818-1st July 1837]

F-R15Ref 367-F-R15
Mrs Dorothy Cooper [1771-1850]

F-R17Ref 367-F-R17
R18A / Hope family vault.

Rev John Hope / Elizabeth Hope / Rev James Hope

F-R20Ref 367-F-R20
& R21.

Harry Halstead Jennings / Henry Jennings

F-R23Ref 367-F-R23
& F-R24.

/ [U 26]

Samuel Leppington / Sam Leppington / James Higgs

F-R26Ref 367-F-R26
Charlton Barber

F-R29Ref 367-F-R29
John Aspinall

F-R30Ref 367-F-R30
Thomas Aspinall / Walter Green Aspinall

F-R31Ref 367-F-R31

Squire Aspinall / Henry Aspinall

F-S1Ref 367-F-S1
Thomas Nettleton / Sarah Ramsden

F-S1ARef 367-F-S1A
Hermann Rowley

F-S2Ref 367-F-S2
Joshua & Henry sons of Joshua Waddington

F-S3Ref 367-F-S3
Children of Henry Holden

F-S4Ref 367-F-S4
Thomas Drake

F-S6Ref 367-F-S6
James Holdsworth

F-S8Ref 367-F-S8
Joseph Bates

F-S9Ref 367-F-S9
James Drake

F-S10Ref 367-F-S10
Samuel Lee

F-S11Ref 367-F-S11
James Thornton / Martha Hannah Thornton [1872-16th August 1948] wife of James Thornton

F-S12Ref 367-F-S12
Septimus Hirst

F-S14Ref 367-F-S14
Henry Holmes

F-S15Ref 367-F-S15
George Wightman [1824-1882]

F-S27Ref 367-F-S27

Edward Aspinall / Rev George Edward Aspinall

F-S30Ref 367-F-S30
Dr William Nowell

F-T1ARef 367-F-T1A
John infant son of William Kaye / Joe Drake

F-T2Ref 367-F-T2
Joshua Waddington / & sons John [1855-20th May 1886] / Joshua [6th January 1852-4th April 1881] / Joshua [2nd November 1806-3rd March 1871] / Ely Wilkinson Waddington & his wife Eliza Ann

F-T4Ref 367-F-T4
Benjamin Thomas Thompson / Joseph Thompson

F-T7Ref 367-F-T7
Children of James Drake: Martha Ann Drake [1827-6th September 1863] / John Drake [1814-21st February 1864] / Elizabeth Birkby [1816-18th March 1887]

F-T9Ref 367-F-T9
Joseph Richardson

F-T13Ref 367-F-T13
Rev George Edward Aspinall / Edward Aspinall

F-T14Ref 367-F-T14
Robert Garside

F-T15Ref 367-F-T15
Rev William Laycock / Ebenezer Laycock

F-T16Ref 367-F-T16
Children of Sharp Brearley: William [27th December 1827-19th March 1892], Ann [19th May 1835-14th March 1887], and Henry [1841-1st September 1882]

NB-Ref 367-NB-

These graves are at the bottom of the
New burial ground

NB-A2ARef 367-NB-A2A
Darren Lee Cawley [1972-2012]

NB-A4Ref 367-NB-A4
Betsy Burton-Chambers

NB-A6Ref 367-NB-A6
Edward Neill [1937-2013]

NB-A7Ref 367-NB-A7
Annie Frances Whitehead [1948-2013]

NB-B5Ref 367-NB-B5
Amara Leigh-Anne Hemingway [1991-2011]

NL-Ref 367-NL-

These graves are to the left of the path in the
New burial ground

NL-A1Ref 367-NL-A1
Stephen Knight

NL-A1ARef 367-NL-A1A
David Holmes Rathmell

NL-A4Ref 367-NL-A4
Jack Wilson [1905-1959] / Frances Wilson [1907-2003]

NL-A6Ref 367-NL-A6
Edwin (Bob) Brook [1917-1958] / May Brook [1928-2002]

NL-A7Ref 367-NL-A7
Joseph Greenwood [1911-1956] / Annie Greenwood [1910-2002]

NL-A9Ref 367-NL-A9
Lewis Hargreaves [1886-1955] / Alice Ann Hargreaves [1885-1968]

NL-A10Ref 367-NL-A10
George Harry Rayner

NL-A13Ref 367-NL-A13
James Hutton / Sarah Haigh [1867-1939]

NL-A14Ref 367-NL-A14
George Dennison [1877-1942] / Mary Evelyn Dennison [1880-1946]

NL-A15Ref 367-NL-A15
William Haigh

NL-A16Ref 367-NL-A16
Arthur William Cocker

NL-A18Ref 367-NL-A18
Walter Fawthrop

NL-A19Ref 367-NL-A19
John Thomas Atkinson Caley [1876-1944] / Jane Ann Caley [1873-1950] / Joseph Caley [1899-1970] / Eleanor A Caley [1895-1974]

NL-A20Ref 367-NL-A20
Edwin Oates / Frances Ella Farrar [1889-1969]

NL-A24Ref 367-NL-A24
John William Holdsworth

NL-A25Ref 367-NL-A25
James Sidney Murgatroyd / His sister Alice Maud Mary Murgatroyd

NL-A26Ref 367-NL-A26
Jonas Gill / Martha Gill / Charnock Gill

NL-A27Ref 367-NL-A27
Harold Vauzey Richardson

NL-A28Ref 367-NL-A28
George Thompson [1874-1948] / Rachel Thompson [1901-1997]

NL-A29Ref 367-NL-A29
John Thomas Dignan / the ashes of daughter-in-law Barbara Dignan

NL-A32Ref 367-NL-A32
Ernest Harold Church

NL-A33Ref 367-NL-A33
Abraham Benn [1880-1950] / Mary Elizabeth Benn [1884-1955]

NL-A34Ref 367-NL-A34
Harry Bottomley [1874-1951] / Emily Bottomley [1878-1963]

NL-A35Ref 367-NL-A35
James Bowers [1886-1951] / Ann Bowers [1885-1956]

NL-A36Ref 367-NL-A36
Lister Rathmell

NL-A40Ref 367-NL-A40
Shirley Brennan [1938-1995] / Lawrence Brennan [1941-2012]

NL-A41Ref 367-NL-A41
Sheila Mary Hale [1947-2006]

NL-B9Ref 367-NL-B9
Albert Gomersall

NL-B10Ref 367-NL-B10
Allan Hamer [1947-2002] / Marjorie Jeffrey (Hamer) [1923-2010]

NL-B11Ref 367-NL-B11
William Derek Robinson [1925-2013] / Kathleen Mary Robinson [1925-2003]

NL-B19Ref 367-NL-B19
Joe Oates [1909-1992] / Lilian Oates [1908-1965]

NL-B22Ref 367-NL-B22
Leonard Learoyd / Leonard Learoyd

NL-B25Ref 367-NL-B25
Ambrose Norman

NL-B27Ref 367-NL-B27
Marian Scott [1890-1948] / William Scott [1902-1955] / Clara Payne [1907-1976]

NL-B28Ref 367-NL-B28
Arthur Ainley [1885-1949] / Mary Ann Ainley [1886-1971] / Harriet Annie Wood [1903-1990], Mary Ann's sister

NL-B30Ref 367-NL-B30
Frank Holroyd [1889-1950] / Sarah Hannah Holroyd [1894-1961]

NL-B33Ref 367-NL-B33
Nancy Charlton Ingham [1907-1951]

NL-B34Ref 367-NL-B34
Clifford Fairburn [1904-1952] / Mary Fairburn [1899-2002]

NL-B36Ref 367-NL-B36
Herbert Jagger

NL-B38Ref 367-NL-B38
Herbert Greenwood [1908-1989] / Nellie Greenwood [1911-1992]

NL-B39Ref 367-NL-B39
William Rawlins

NL-B41Ref 367-NL-B41
Gilbert Mallinson

NL-C20Ref 367-NL-C20
Louie Greenwood [1939-2009]

NL-C21Ref 367-NL-C21
Leslie Mashinter [1922-2011] / Florence May Mashinter [1920-2007]

NL-C24Ref 367-NL-C24
Joseph Pearson [1923-1990] / Margaret M Pearson [1927-2010]

NL-C35Ref 367-NL-C35
Albert Holgate [1875-1956] / Hannah Holgate [1881-1953]

NL-C37Ref 367-NL-C37
Andrew Stewart [1938-1999]

NL-D27Ref 367-NL-D27
Sydney Suddas [1928-2004]

NL-D30Ref 367-NL-D30
Brian Berry [1938-1995] / Velma Berry [1939-2000]

NL-D31Ref 367-NL-D31
Hilary Mary Gill [1929-2011]

NL-D36Ref 367-NL-D36
Joan Learoyd [1938-2007] / Donald Learoyd [1938-2012]

NR-Ref 367-NR-

These graves are to the right of the path in the
New burial ground

NR-A4Ref 367-NR-A4
Walter Thomas Knowles / Stanley Walter Knowles

NR-A5Ref 367-NR-A5
William Hebblethwaite

NR-A7Ref 367-NR-A7
Edgar Arthur Malkin

NR-A8Ref 367-NR-A8
Frederick Darnton [1884-1937] / Edith Sarah Darnton [1886-1958]

NR-A9Ref 367-NR-A9
Thomas Armitage

NR-A10Ref 367-NR-A10
Fred Baines

NR-A11Ref 367-NR-A11
Maurice Malkin

NR-A12Ref 367-NR-A12
Charles Oates

NR-A14Ref 367-NR-A14
John Waddington

NR-A15Ref 367-NR-A15
Daughters of William Gledhill: Lucy Ann / Clara / Ann

NR-A16Ref 367-NR-A16
Wilson Marshall / Geoffrey Wilson Marshall / Ruby Marshall [1912-6th January 1997]

NR-A17Ref 367-NR-A17
Harry Hartley [1860-1933] / Elizabeth Ann Hartley [1864-1932]

NR-A18Ref 367-NR-A18
Clifford Spencer

NR-A21Ref 367-NR-A21
Albert Spencer [1879-1934] / Sarah Ellen Spencer [1880-1969] / Agnes Spencer [1910-1934]

NR-A22Ref 367-NR-A22
Charles Grove [1884-1936]

NR-A23Ref 367-NR-A23
Edward Eagling

NR-A24Ref 367-NR-A24
Arnold Webster

NR-A25Ref 367-NR-A25
Ezra Bancroft

NR-A26Ref 367-NR-A26
Ben Hellawell / Fred Luther Webster

NR-A28Ref 367-NR-A28
Frederick James Cowler

NR-A29Ref 367-NR-A29
George Armstrong Thompson / Lizzie Thompson

NR-A34Ref 367-NR-A34
Arthur Hemingway

NR-B8Ref 367-NR-B8
John Albert McNulty / Maurice Hirst [1915-15th February 1996]

NR-B8ARef 367-NR-B8A
Joseph Angus

NR-B11Ref 367-NR-B11
William Henry Topham

NR-B15Ref 367-NR-B15
Tom Ellis

NR-B16Ref 367-NR-B16
Beatrice M. Berry [1887-1931] / John W. Berry [1885-1933] / Norman Johnson [1908-1963] / Mary Johnson [1912-1975]

NR-B17Ref 367-NR-B17
Alexander Marples

NR-B19Ref 367-NR-B19
Eli Dyson

NR-B21Ref 367-NR-B21
Herbert Sutcliffe / Arthur Sutcliffe

NR-B23Ref 367-NR-B23
Alfred Brinton [1885-1938] / Florence Alice Fawthrop [1880-1951] / Martha Ann Stringer [1875-1955]

NR-B24Ref 367-NR-B24
Cyril Steele [1903-1939] / Margaret Ellen Steele [1905-1946]

NR-B25Ref 367-NR-B25
Arthur Mallinson [1880-1939]

NR-B30Ref 367-NR-B30
Walter Benn [1886-1941] / Elizabeth Ann Benn [1882-1951]

NR-B33Ref 367-NR-B33
Arthur Austen Heaton

NR-B34Ref 367-NR-B34
Enoch Smith Metcalfe

NR-B35Ref 367-NR-B35
Arthur Sylvester [1901-1982] / Irene Sylvester [1898-1977]

NR-B36Ref 367-NR-B36
Kathlyn Bell [1931-1990] / Anthony Crawshaw [1937-2002]

NR-B37Ref 367-NR-B37
Harold Goulding [1915-2008] / Edith Goulding [1924-2000]

NR-C7Ref 367-NR-C7
Albert Spencer [1877-1952] / Mary Emily Spencer [1876-1942]

NR-C10Ref 367-NR-C10
Elizabeth Ann Green [1854-1936] / Christopher Green [1875-1940] / George Marshall [1884-1936], Elizabeth Ann's brother

NR-C11Ref 367-NR-C11
Charles Gledhill

NR-C14Ref 367-NR-C14
David Barker Hargreaves

NR-C19Ref 367-NR-C19
John Thomas Massey

NR-C27Ref 367-NR-C27
Arthur Walton

NR-C29Ref 367-NR-C29
Arthur Charles Emerson [1878-1952] / Clara Emerson [1878-1943]

NR-C31Ref 367-NR-C31
Willie Gill [1883-1948] / Sarah Elizabeth Gill [1885-1956]

NR-C32Ref 367-NR-C32
Cyril Barstow [1892-1956] / Annie Barstow [1902-1954]

NR-C34Ref 367-NR-C34
Edward Leslie Hoyle

NR-C35Ref 367-NR-C35
Ratcliffe Naylor Binks [1903-1975] / Florence Binks [1906-1987]

NR-C36Ref 367-NR-C36
Harold Stanley Matthews [1902-1990]

NR-D7Ref 367-NR-D7
Sarah Grinsdale [1906-1988]

NR-D12Ref 367-NR-D12
Emma Garrigann [1882-1940] / Hilda Banks [1912-1983]

NR-D17Ref 367-NR-D17
Evelyn Hood

NR-D19Ref 367-NR-D19
George Hey [1879-1943] / Emily Ann Fawthrop [1879-1952]

NR-D28Ref 367-NR-D28
Leonard Kershaw

NR-D29Ref 367-NR-D29
John West Clark / Stephen Bill Porteus [1???-8th June 1981] / Kathleen Beryl Harrison [1927-21st December 1991] / Mavis Downs née Clark [1938-2002] / James Downs [1933-2008]

NR-D30Ref 367-NR-D30
Joseph Leonard Fawcett [1885-1958] / Mary Alice Fawcett [1885-1962]

NR-D33Ref 367-NR-D33
Ronald Porter [1910-1984] / Ida Porter [1905-1966]

NR-D34Ref 367-NR-D34
Clifford Douglas Rushton [1888-1969] / Hilda Mary Rushton [1889-1971] / Dorothy Margaret Rushton [1916-1972]

NR-D36Ref 367-NR-D36
Joseph Phillips [1920-2001] / Esther Phillips [1923-1990]

NR-E10Ref 367-NR-E10
Kenneth Leach [1920-2010] / Monica Leach [1921-2006]

NR-E13Ref 367-NR-E13
David Richard Marshall

NR-E16Ref 367-NR-E16
Isabella Jane Westwood [1916-1993]

NR-E17Ref 367-NR-E17
Friend Sutcliffe [1904-1984] / Edith Sutcliffe [1908-1998]

NR-E22Ref 367-NR-E22
Fred Marshall [1910-1993]

NR-E25Ref 367-NR-E25
Eric Kirbyson

NR-E27Ref 367-NR-E27
Ann Buckle [1942-1997]

NR-E32Ref 367-NR-E32
Thomas L. Bassinder

NR-E33Ref 367-NR-E33
Arthur Clegg [1914-1981]

NR-E36Ref 367-NR-E36
Henry Oates [1906-1982]/ Evelyn Oates [1903-1980]

NR-E37Ref 367-NR-E37
Joseph Mason Adie [1920-1999] / Dolly Adie [1918-1998]

NR-F7Ref 367-NR-F7
Colin Burton

R-Ref 367-R-

These graves are at the rear – North side of the Church

R-A1Ref 367-R-A1
James Gledhill

R-A1BRef 367-R-A1B
Arthur Collingwood

R-A1CRef 367-R-A1C
Jeremiah Rushton

R-A2Ref 367-R-A2
Henry Whitaker / Samuel Whitaker

R-A3Ref 367-R-A3
Job Kershaw / Harry Kershaw

R-A4Ref 367-R-A4
Arthur Fawthrop

R-A7Ref 367-R-A7
Frederick Burrows

R-A9Ref 367-R-A9
Frederick Barrowclough

R-A13Ref 367-R-A13
Joseph Robertshaw

R-A15Ref 367-R-A15
George Halliday

R-A16Ref 367-R-A16
Joseph Pickles / George Albert Pickles

R-A18Ref 367-R-A18
Fred Barber

R-A19Ref 367-R-A19
Joseph Barber

R-A22Ref 367-R-A22
John Hanson Lee / Mary Hannah Hodgson [12th September 1852-18th June 1910] / Sarah Ann Wilcock [1856-7th April 1916] / Norman Hodgson [19th September 1897-1st August 1917]

R-A23Ref 367-R-A23
John Richard Oates

R-A25Ref 367-R-A25
John Sykes

R-A26Ref 367-R-A26
Walter Sharp

R-A27Ref 367-R-A27
Fred Rathmell

R-A28Ref 367-R-A28
Richard Brook

R-A29Ref 367-R-A29
R-A29 -A30

Walter Freeman / Walter Hanson Freeman

R-A33Ref 367-R-A33
/ Harvey Barrow

R-A35Ref 367-R-A35
Arthur Barwell / Greenwood Clay

R-A37Ref 367-R-A37
Richard Moore

R-A38Ref 367-R-A38
David Schofield / Harry Morby

R-A39Ref 367-R-A39
Arthur Hartley

R-A41Ref 367-R-A41
George Bairstow / Butler Bairstow

R-A43Ref 367-R-A43
NW border

Private W. E. Hare

R-A47Ref 367-R-A47
Francis Allan Sharp

R-A48Ref 367-R-A48
Arthur Booth / Albert Lawrence Fawthrop

R-A49Ref 367-R-A49
Thomas Hoyle

R-A54Ref 367-R-A54
James Coverdale / Thomas Arthur Hepworth

R-A55Ref 367-R-A55
Ernest Marshall

R-B1aRef 367-R-B1A
John Edwards Hey

R-B4Ref 367-R-B4
John Henry Davenport

R-B5Ref 367-R-B5
Wilson Farrar

R-B6Ref 367-R-B6
William Robertshaw

R-B8Ref 367-R-B8
William Haigh

R-B9Ref 367-R-B9
David Haigh

R-B10Ref 367-R-B10
Abraham Henry Cocker

R-B11Ref 367-R-B11
James Cocker

R-B12Ref 367-R-B12
Thomas Robinson

R-B13Ref 367-R-B13
Albert Holgate

R-B14Ref 367-R-B14
Charles Nicholl / Hannah Gill [1818-24th December 1897]

R-B15Ref 367-R-B15
John Ingham Mallinson / Arthur Mallinson

R-B16Ref 367-R-B16
Proctor Ingham

R-B17Ref 367-R-B17
Charles Halmshaw / Margaret Hemingway [1847-1904] / Minnie Emily Bowes [1870-1940]

R-B18Ref 367-R-B18
Walter Appleyard

R-B19Ref 367-R-B19
Children of William Sheard / Thomas Sheard

R-B22Ref 367-R-B22
Samuel Greenwood / Morris Greenwood

R-B23Ref 367-R-B23
Arthur Daniel Greenwood / Harry Ibberson

R-B24Ref 367-R-B24
William Denham / John William Dixon

R-B25Ref 367-R-B25
William Mallinson

R-B26Ref 367-R-B26
Family of William Sutcliffe

R-B27ARef 367-R-B27A
Thomas Bentley

R-B28Ref 367-R-B28
William Earnshaw Leppington

R-B31Ref 367-R-B31
William Pearson

R-B32Ref 367-R-B32
Arthur Haigh

R-B35Ref 367-R-B35
Albert Richard Carnelley / George Willson

R-B36Ref 367-R-B36
Joseph Pickles

R-B37Ref 367-R-B37
John Murgatroyd / Jane Murgatroyd / Albert Hollings Murgatroyd

R-B38Ref 367-R-B38
Charles Whitaker

R-B39Ref 367-R-B39
John Farrar Dennison

R-B40Ref 367-R-B40
John Henry Crossley / Louisa Crossley [1881-7th September 1936]

R-B42Ref 367-R-B42
Walter Crossley / Clement Crossley

R-B43Ref 367-R-B43
Rosa Rees

R-B44Ref 367-R-B44
William Henry Horsler

R-B45Ref 367-R-B45
Allan Brook

R-B46Ref 367-R-B46
Thomas Edwin Norwood

R-B47Ref 367-R-B47
William Robertshaw

R-B50Ref 367-R-B50
Joseph Blackburn

R-B53Ref 367-R-B53
Henry Rushton

R-C1BRef 367-R-C1B
William Gledhill

R-C31Ref 367-R-C31
Annie Riley

R-D1Ref 367-R-D1
Alfred Carter / John Summerskill

R-D1ARef 367-R-D1A
-R-D1B / [G49]

Edwin Haigh / Alfred John Fred Matthewman / Henry Edwin Hodgson

R-D1CRef 367-R-D1C
James Haigh

R-D2Ref 367-R-D2
David Wainwright / daughter Lucy Ann Hey

R-D3Ref 367-R-D3

John Hemingway / Edward Manks Hemingway

R-D5Ref 367-R-D5
John Cocker / Harry Cocker

R-D6Ref 367-R-D6
Henry Earnshaw

R-D7Ref 367-R-D7
William Jones

R-D8Ref 367-R-D8
Walter Haigh / Sidney Haigh

R-D9Ref 367-R-D9
William Henry Dean / Catherine wife of Herbert Mallinson

R-D10Ref 367-R-D10
William Henry Nettleton

R-D11Ref 367-R-D11
Willie Appleyard

R-D14Ref 367-R-D14
James Crossley

R-D16Ref 367-R-D16
Mark Rushworth / Alexander Valentine Pizzey

R-D17Ref 367-R-D17
Abraham Beaumont / Elizabeth Ann Bairstow

R-D18Ref 367-R-D18
Edwin Gledhill

R-D21Ref 367-R-D21
James Feather

R-D22Ref 367-R-D22
George William Nelson

R-D23Ref 367-R-D23
Henry Hardy / Walter Greenwood

R-D24Ref 367-R-D24
Swindel Smith

R-D25Ref 367-R-D25
Arthur Barker / John Ingham

R-D26Ref 367-R-D26
William Turner / Willie Milner

R-D28Ref 367-R-D28
Children of Thomas Dean / John Holt

R-D30Ref 367-R-D30
Thomas Helliwell

R-D31Ref 367-R-D31
John Walsh

R-D32Ref 367-R-D32
William Norman Ormerod / Frank Ormerod

R-D33Ref 367-R-D33
Arnold Kay / James Gledhill

R-D36Ref 367-R-D36
Arthur Rushworth

R-D37Ref 367-R-D37
North-east part. Private Fred Broomhead

R-D39Ref 367-R-D39
Frank Turner

R-D40Ref 367-R-D40
David Porter

R-D42Ref 367-R-D42
Thomas Edward Haigh

R-D43Ref 367-R-D43
Peter Trewartha / Willie Armitage

R-D44Ref 367-R-D44
Arthur Brown

R-D47Ref 367-R-D47
William Wolfenden

R-E1DRef 367-R-E1D
Thomas Alderson / Richard Ellis

R-E2Ref 367-R-E2
Isaac Longbottom

R-E7Ref 367-R-E7
David Fawthrop

R-E9Ref 367-R-E9
William Robinson

R-E10Ref 367-R-E10
Edward Robinson / Eric Leslie Robinson

R-E11Ref 367-R-E11
John Thomas Mann / Susannah Radley who died 27th October 1889 (aged 70 years) 

R-E13Ref 367-R-E13
Edward Cooper

R-E14Ref 367-R-E14
Amos Robinson

R-E16Ref 367-R-E16
William Whitaker / Joseph Rushworth [1852-2nd March 1903]

R-E18Ref 367-R-E18
Edwin Aspinall / Sarah Elizabeth Aspinall

R-E19Ref 367-R-E19
Henry Whitaker

R-E20Ref 367-R-E20
Harry Nelson

R-E23Ref 367-R-E23
Benjamin Sheard / Daniel Kershaw / John Kershaw

R-E25Ref 367-R-E25
Daughters of William Westwood: Catherine Westwood, Elizabeth Westwood & Margaret Jane Atkins

R-E28Ref 367-R-E28
Alfred Remmer / John William Marshall

R-E33Ref 367-R-E33
George Rushton

R-E35Ref 367-R-E35
John Rathmell

R-E36Ref 367-R-E36
Blanche Farrar

R-E39Ref 367-R-E39
Annie Robey / Helen Carter [1855-27th December 1917] of Thorp Arch

R-E47Ref 367-R-E47
Robert Metcalfe

R-E55Ref 367-R-E55
Herbert Haigh

R-F4Ref 367-R-F4
Joseph Rushworth

R-F7Ref 367-R-F7
Edward Carter

R-F14Ref 367-R-F14
Isaac Broadbent

R-F17Ref 367-R-F17
Sam Robinson / William Henry Robinson

R-F18Ref 367-R-F18
Joe Oates

R-F19Ref 367-R-F19
William Henry Naylor / Mary [1827-8th July 1895] widow of Abram Frankland

R-F23Ref 367-R-F23
Samuel Haigh

R-F24Ref 367-R-F24
Benjamin Farrar

R-F25Ref 367-R-F25
William Rangeley / Percy Sinclair Rangeley

R-F29Ref 367-R-F29
Charles Fox

R-F30Ref 367-R-F30
Thomas Squires / Harry Squires

R-F32Ref 367-R-F32
John Henry Kershaw

R-F39Ref 367-R-F39
Walter Cooper / Harold Cooper

R-G1ARef 367-R-G1A

Samuel Marshall

R-G1DRef 367-R-G1D
William Bottomley

R-G2Ref 367-R-G2
Betsy Martindale

R-G3Ref 367-R-G3
Griffin Oates

R-G5Ref 367-R-G5
James Bates

R-G10Ref 367-R-G10
Fred Appleton

R-G12Ref 367-R-G12
Lewis Lorrain Bradley / Beaumont Bradley [1863-14th January 1925]

R-G14Ref 367-R-G14
John William Marshall

R-G16Ref 367-R-G16
Henry Crossley / Walter Percy Sharp / Alfred Ernest Ayres / Jack Turner Stewart [1908-1968]

R-G17Ref 367-R-G17
Alfred Broomhead / Tom Broomhead / Jonah Broomhead

R-G19Ref 367-R-G19
George Emmett / Haigh Emmett

R-G20Ref 367-R-G20
William Milnes

R-G25Ref 367-R-G25
Arthur Daniel Maude / Richard Maude

R-G27Ref 367-R-G27
Alfred Milnes

R-G28Ref 367-R-G28
Luke Gledhill

R-G29Ref 367-R-G29
John Haigh

R-G31Ref 367-R-G31
Benjamin Thomas Thompson / Joseph Thompson / William Holdsworth Thompson /

R-G35Ref 367-R-G35
John Mallinson

R-G37Ref 367-R-G37
Friend Walter Rushton

R-G43Ref 367-R-G43
Arthur Shaw

R-H1DRef 367-R-H1D
William Beaumont

R-H1ERef 367-R-H1E
Thomas Noble / Josiah Dean

R-H3Ref 367-R-H3
Charlie Brook

R-H8Ref 367-R-H8
John Robertshaw

R-H14Ref 367-R-H14
Posetha Farrar

R-H15Ref 367-R-H15
William Edward Sharp

R-H17Ref 367-R-H17
Jonas Barker Laycock / Elizabeth Womersley [1823-25th January 1891] / Harriet Laycock [1848-13th August 1910]

R-H20Ref 367-R-H20
Amos Greenwood

R-H24Ref 367-R-H24
& F-C37

Jonathan Nicholl

R-H27Ref 367-R-H27
Thomas Jennings / Thomas Edward Womersley

R-H31Ref 367-R-H31
[H31] Joseph Hebblethwaite

R-H32Ref 367-R-H32
Children of Harry Squires: Leonard George & Harry [1913-23rd September 1918]

R-J1ARef 367-R-J1A
Thomas Bairstow

R-J1BRef 367-R-J1B
/ L49

Simeon Jenkinson

R-J1CRef 367-R-J1C
George Henry Jenkinson

R-J1DRef 367-R-J1D
Mary Grace Blackburn [10th January 1876-6th November 1876] infant daughter of Joseph & Anne Blackburn

R-J2Ref 367-R-J2
Abraham Nicholl

R-J10Ref 367-R-J10
Samuel Aaron Singleton

R-J13Ref 367-R-J13
Charles Newsome

R-J19Ref 367-R-J19
Willie Shaw

R-J20Ref 367-R-J20
Sam Boothman / Joe Nelson [1873-11th March 1950]

R-J24Ref 367-R-J24
Tom Haigh Sunderland

R-J25Ref 367-R-J25
John William Smith

R-J28Ref 367-R-J28
Edith Wallace [1891-1959]

R-J30Ref 367-R-J30
Albert Edward Marshall

R-J31Ref 367-R-J31
Jonas Aspinall / Ethel Aspinall

R-J32Ref 367-R-J32
Tom Hartley

R-J35Ref 367-R-J35
William Newham

R-JK1BRef 367-R-JK1B
Lies between Rows J & K.

William Farrar

R-JK1ERef 367-R-JK1E
Lies between Rows J & K.

George Bottomley

R-JKCRef 367-R-JKC

Lies between rows J & K

William Haigh

R-K1CRef 367-R-K1C
Family of Alfred Fawcett

R-K1DRef 367-R-K1D
/ [N46]

Luke Oates

R-K2Ref 367-R-K2
Charles Henry Jenkinson

R-K5Ref 367-R-K5
Edwin Womersley

R-K6Ref 367-R-K6
William Milner

R-K7Ref 367-R-K7
James Sheard Dawson

R-K13Ref 367-R-K13
John Emmett

R-K14Ref 367-R-K14
John White

R-K27Ref 367-R-K27
Edward Tasker

R-L1ARef 367-R-L1A
Aaron Webster

R-L1CRef 367-R-L1C
William Malkin

R-L1ERef 367-R-L1E
Telemachus Holgate / Arthur Gledhill

R-L3Ref 367-R-L3
George Boyes Womersley / David Womersley

R-L11Ref 367-R-L11
David Mitchell

R-L17Ref 367-R-L17
Thomas Holdsworth

R-L18Ref 367-R-L18
Tom Rushton

R-L19Ref 367-R-L19
Martha Ann Barber [14th June 1859-3rd February 1885] / Jane de Luca

R-L21Ref 367-R-L21
William Salt

R-M8Ref 367-R-M8
Thomas Gibson

R-M12Ref 367-R-M12
William Niblett

R-M15Ref 367-R-M15
James Parratt

R-M16Ref 367-R-M16
Joshua Parratt / Samuel Parratt

R-M17Ref 367-R-M17
Thomas Marshall

R-M18Ref 367-R-M18
Albert E. Goodyear

R-N2Ref 367-R-N2
Sarah Ann Womersley

R-N3Ref 367-R-N3
Thomas Penrose

R-N7Ref 367-R-N7
Joe Binns

R-N13Ref 367-R-N13
Walter Squires

R-O4Ref 367-R-O4
Fred Wood

NR-D12Ref 367-Y
Emma Garrigann [1882-1940] / Hilda Banks [1912-1983]

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