The Rawson family

Richard Rawson of Fryston is mentioned in 1380.

The Rawson family originated in Bradford and migrated to the Halifax district around 1720 when the widow and youngest son of John Rawson moved here.

A number of descendants settled in Halifax in the early 18th century, and became woollen fabric and clothing manufacturers with mills and textile businesses and interests in many parts of the district, including Brockwell, Bullace Trees, Mill House, Ovenden, Savile Green, and Thorpe.

John and William Rawson were the first of the family who went on to become bankers.

The family joined the Stansfield family by marriage

On 14th May 1895, the College of Arms granted the Rawson family arms, crest and motto to Christopher Rawson.

Writing in 1914, Admiral Sir Harry Rawson, Former Governor of New South Wales, Australia, says that:

The Rawsons of Yorkshire, tradition says, are descended from the Saxon family of Rauenchil (Rauenchilson, Rauenson, Rawson) who have been located in the valley of the Aire long before the Norman Conquest.

They are a very ancient stock ... and in the Domesday Book [where the name Rauenshil is used] their holdings of land in Shipley in 1086 are mentioned.

Rawson has been the family surname for the past 5 centuries

Previous to that it was Rauenchilson and Rauenson, and the first mention of the name as it now stands occurs in the poll tax ... in 1379, where we find the head of the family described as Johannes Rawson

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