Rev Dr Enoch Mellor

Rev Dr Enoch Mellor DD MA, was born in Almondbury, Huddersfield [1st October 1823], the son of a woollen manufacturer from Salendine Nook.

The memorial over his grave at Lister Lane Cemetery records:

Born Nov. 20, 1823; Died Oct. 26, 1881


He was educated at Huddersfield College (where he was a prize medallist)  and at Edinburgh University.

He was Minster of Square Independent Chapel [1847-1861].

He left to serve at Liverpool but returned to Square Congregational Church [1867-1881].

It was said that

he did much in moulding the characters of the 3 Crossley brothers: John, Joseph, and Francis

He was a frequent preacher at Rishworth Independent Church.

He was an opponent of slavery / an opponent of the division among the churches / Chairman of the Congregational Union [1863] / Chairman of the West Riding Congregational Union.

He was interested in education and societies such as the Young Men's Mutual Improvement Society.

He protested against the Vicar Rate, encouraging his congregation not to pay. He was penalised by the confiscation of a joint of ham by the vicar's agent when he refused to pay.

He preached a sermon against the introduction of Sunday Band concerts on Skircoat Moor (which began on 22nd June 1856), and another against the new Halifax Race Course (which opened in 1878).

He published several letters and sermons including

In 1848, he married Caroline Margaret Ibbetson [1825-1877] in Huddersfield.

Caroline Margaret was born 22nd August 1825


  1. Rosalina [1849-1910] who married John Oakes
  2. Louisa [b 1851]
  3. Thomas James Ibbetson (Mellor) [1853] who died in  infancy, & was buried with his parents
  4. Harold [1854] who died in infancy, & was buried with his  parents
  5. Henry Norman [1856-1899] who was a carpet manufacturer of  Savile Terrace, Halifax [1881]
  6. Florence [b 1858]
  7. Edith Caroline [b 1859]
  8. Wilfred Arnold [1862-1924]
  9. Bertha May [1868] who died in infancy, & was buried with  her parents

The family lived at

He died 26th October 1881.

Probate records show that he left a personal estate valued at £7,465 19/3d.

The will was proved by son Henry Norman and son-in-law John Oakes.

Caroline Margaret died 7th January 1877.

The couple were buried at Lister Lane Cemetery [Plot 123].

In August 1882, the congregation of Square Independent Chapel erected a monument over his grave. This was 15 ft high and comprised a draped urn standing on a square pedestal

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