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Mytholmroyd is a Calderdale town lying to the east of Hebden Bridge.

It lies in 3 townships: Sowerby, Erringden and Wadsworth.

Primarily a river crossing – mentioned in 1577 – the town grew in importance when the turnpike, the Rochdale Canal, and the railway brought industry to the district.

The name is recorded as Mithomrode [1286-1323], Mythumrode [1309], Mythom[e]royd[e] [1478], Mithamroyd [1594], Mytholmroyd[e] [1622], Mithamroyd [1684], and Mitholm-royd [1895].

The name of the area is said to have been taken from Mytholmroyd Farm. The word derives from mytholm and royd and means the clearing at the junction of two rivers – Cragg Brook and the Calder – which was likely to flood.

In the early 19th century, the town fell within Hebden Bridge, Midgley, Sowerby, and Wadsworth. In 1891, Mytholmroyd became independent. In 1937, it merged with Hebden Bridge to form the new Hebden Royd Urban District Council.

Pronunciation: The stress falls on the first syllable, the th is voiced, and the second syllable has the neutral schwa vowel: my-ðəm-royd

The name is frequently mispronounced, notably by Daniel Craig in his rôle of Ted Hughes in the film Sylvia

Some sites, sights and other entries for Mytholmroyd

Albert Mills, Mytholmroyd
Alexandra Shed, Mytholmroyd

Banksfield Clothing Works, Mytholmroyd
Banksfield Estate, Mytholmroyd
Banksfield Mill, Mytholmroyd
Barbary's, Mytholmroyd
Birchen Lee Carr, Mytholmroyd
Brearley Upper Bridge, Mytholmroyd
Brier Hey, Mytholmroyd
Brink Top Farm, Mytholmroyd
Broad Fold, Mytholmroyd
Broadbent's Foundry, Mytholmroyd
Broadbottom Old Hall, Mytholmroyd
Broadhead Clough, Mytholmroyd
Brompton Grove, Mytholmroyd
Buckley Gate, Mytholmroyd
Burnlea, Mytholmroyd
Burnt Stubb, Mytholmroyd
Byclough, Mytholmroyd

Caldene Bridge, Mytholmroyd
Caldene Clothing Company
Calder Grange House, Mytholmroyd
Calder Grange Ladies' Seminary, Mytholmroyd
Calder High School, Mytholmroyd
Calder House Mills, Mytholmroyd
Carr House Farm, Mytholmroyd
Castle Hall, Mytholmroyd
Clarence, Mytholmroyd
Clegg Nook
County Bridge, Mytholmroyd
Cragg Vale & Mytholmroyd Band
Cragg Vale & Mytholmroyd Prize Brass Band
Craven Heifer, Mytholmroyd

Daisy Bank Farm, Mytholmroyd
Dauber Bridge, Mytholmroyd
Dusty Miller, Mytholmroyd

Edmondson's Mill, Mytholmroyd
Elephant & Castle, Hawksclough
Elphabrough Hall, Mytholmroyd
Elphin Brook
Empress Mill, Mytholmroyd
Ewood Coach House, Mytholmroyd
Ewood Court Farm, Mytholmroyd
Ewood Court, Mytholmroyd
Ewood Hall, Mytholmroyd

Fawcett's Academy, Mytholmroyd
Field House, Mytholmroyd
Foster Clough Bridge, Mytholmroyd
Foster Clough House, Mytholmroyd
Foster Clough, Mytholmroyd
Four Day Work Mill, Mytholmroyd

Glen House, Mytholmroyd
Good Shepherd Catholic Church, Mytholmroyd
Grange Mill, Mytholmroyd
Great Stubb Recreation Ground, Mytholmroyd
Green Hill Mill, Mytholmroyd

Hall Gate, Mytholmroyd
Hawksclough Bridge, Mytholmroyd
Hawksclough Farm, Mytholmroyd
Hawksclough Manor, Mytholmroyd
Hawksclough Mill, Mytholmroyd
Heap's School, Mytholmroyd
Hebden Bridge & Mytholmroyd Gas Board
Hebden Bridge & Mytholmroyd Gas Company
Hebden Royd Urban District Council
Helliwell's Mill, Mytholmroyd
Heyhead Farm, Mytholmroyd
Higher House Moor, Mytholmroyd
Higher House, Mytholmroyd
Hill House Clough, Mytholmroyd
Hill House, Mytholmroyd
Hoo Hole Bridge, Mytholmroyd
Hoo Hole Mill, Mytholmroyd
Hove Yard Wood, Mytholmroyd
Ted Hughes Ted Hughes
Huntsman, Mytholmroyd

Long Tunnel, Mytholmroyd
Lower Ewood, Mytholmroyd
Lower White Lee, Mytholmroyd

Manor House, Mytholmroyd
Martin Wood, Mytholmroyd
Martins Bank, Mytholmroyd
The Millennium Garden, Mytholmroyd
Moderna (Witney) Limited
Moderna Way Bridge, Mytholmroyd
Mount Pleasant Mill, Mytholmroyd
Mount Zion Primitive Methodist Church, Mytholmroyd
Murder Stone, Mytholmroyd
Mytholmroyd & Hawksclough Working Men's Club
Mytholmroyd Benevolent Union Society
Mytholmroyd Board School
Mytholmroyd British Restaurant
Mytholmroyd Building Society
Mytholmroyd Business Park
Mytholmroyd Charity Demonstration
Mytholmroyd Church Lads' Brigade
Mytholmroyd Church of England School
Mytholmroyd Community Centre
Mytholmroyd Council School

Mytholmroyd Cow Club
Mytholmroyd Cricket Club
Mytholmroyd drinking fountain
Mytholmroyd Economic Stores
Mytholmroyd Farm, Mytholmroyd
Mytholmroyd Female Society
Mytholmroyd Fire Station
Mytholmroyd Floral & Horticultural Society
Mytholmroyd Gala
Mytholmroyd goose fair
Mytholmroyd Historical Society
Mytholmroyd Industrial Co-operative Society
Mytholmroyd Industrial Society
Mytholmroyd Infants' School
Mytholmroyd Library
Mytholmroyd Local Board
Mytholmroyd, Luddendenfoot & District Free Church
Mytholmroyd Methodist Church
Mytholmroyd Mill, Mytholmroyd
Mytholmroyd Musical Society
Mytholmroyd National School
Mytholmroyd Nurses' Home
Mytholmroyd Police Station
Mytholmroyd Post Office
Mytholmroyd Primitive Methodist Chapel
Mytholmroyd Railway Station
Mytholmroyd Recreation Ground
Mytholmroyd Rugby Club
Mytholmroyd Sewage Disposal Plant
Mytholmroyd UDC Offices
Mytholmroyd Urban District Council
Mytholmroyd Viaduct
Mytholmroyd War Memorial
Mytholmroyd Wesleyan Methodist Graveyard
Mytholmroyd Working Men's Club

Navvy Bridge, Mytholmroyd
Nelmires Farm, Mytholmroyd
New House, Mytholmroyd
New Houses, Mytholmroyd

Orchard Business Park, Mytholmroyd
The Orchard, Mytholmroyd

Paddy Bridge, Mytholmroyd
Pall Mall, Mytholmroyd
Parrock Clough, Mytholmroyd
Pickles Foundry, Mytholmroyd

Raffles Night Club, Mytholmroyd
Railway Iron Works, Mytholmroyd
Redacre Bridge, Mytholmroyd
Redacre Delph, Mytholmroyd
Redacre House, Mytholmroyd
Redacre Mill, Mytholmroyd
Redacre Sewage Works, Mytholmroyd
Redacre Wood, Mytholmroyd
Ring O' Bells, Mytholmroyd
Riverside Works, Mytholmroyd
Royal Oak, Mytholmroyd

Saint Michael's Church, Mytholmroyd
Saint Michael's School, Mytholmroyd
Saint Peter & Saint Paul's Catholic Church, Mytholmroyd
Scar Bottom House, Mytholmroyd
Scar Bottom, Mytholmroyd
Scarbottom Mill, Mytholmroyd
Scout Road Board School, Mytholmroyd
Scout Road Council School, Mytholmroyd
Scout Road Primary School, Mytholmroyd
Scout Road Toll House, Mytholmroyd
Scout Road Wesleyan Chapel, Mytholmroyd
Scout Rock, Mytholmroyd
Scout Wood, Mytholmroyd
Shoulder of Mutton, Mytholmroyd
Southfield Lodge, Mytholmroyd
Thomas Spencer
Square Mill, Mytholmroyd
Stephenson House Wood, Mytholmroyd
Stephenson House, Mytholmroyd
Stepping stones
Stepping Stones, Mytholmroyd
Stocks Hall Academy, Mytholmroyd
Stocks Hall, Mytholmroyd
Stoney Royd, Mytholmroyd
Stoney Spring Wood, Mytholmroyd
Stubb Clough, Mytholmroyd
Stubb, Mytholmroyd
Sunderland House, Mytholmroyd

Thornber Brothers Limited
Throstle Bower, Mytholmroyd
Throstle Nest, Mytholmroyd

Victoria Buildings, Mytholmroyd

Wadsworth Banks Farm, Mytholmroyd
Westfield Mills, Mytholmroyd
White House Holme, Mytholmroyd
White Lee Bridge, Mytholmroyd
White Lee Clough, Mytholmroyd
White Lee House, Mytholmroyd
White Lee Mill, Mytholmroyd
White Lee Tannery, Mytholmroyd
White Lee, Mytholmroyd
White Lion, Mytholmroyd
Withens Brook

Yorkshire Bank Limited

Beerhouses & Pubs in Mytholmroyd

Several beerhouses and public houses have been recorded in and around Mytholmroyd, including

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