Local men who served in the Peninsular War

The following local men served with the 2nd Battalion 84th Foot York & Lancaster Regiment in the Peninsular War [1807-1814]:

Samuel Balm
Thomas Bancroft
Daniel Barrett
Jonathan Baslow
William Baslow
William Beanland
Joseph Beards
John Booth
Edward Brady
Edward Brearley
Ely Brearley

William Carcroft
John Cheetham
William Chew
William Clough
Adam Cockroft
Joseph Cockroft
William Cordingley
William Crabtree
John Crowther
Joseph Crowther

James Dyson

Daniel Earnshaw
Thomas Earnshaw
Thomas Ellis

James Gauke
Ely Gledhill
George Greenwood
James Greenwood
William Greenwood

John Halstead
John Harrison
Samuel Hartley
Abraham Healey
Joseph Hemingway
Robert Hewood
Thomas Higgins
Benjamin Hindle
John Hogden
James Hollis

Abraham Ingham
Ely Ingham
William Isles

John Jagger
James Jowett
Charles Jowitt

Edward Kenyon

George Lee
Thomas Lister

Marton Manley
Abraham Maud
James Milner
William Mitchell
James Morrist

Joseph Nelson
John Newall

John Ogden
Joseph Ogden
William Ogden

Thomas Pearson
William Pickles

William Sheperd
Thomas Siddel
William Smith
William Spencer
Henry Sutcliffe
William Sutcliffe
William Sutcliffe

John Thompson
James Thorpe

Abraham Unsworth

Richard Vickerman

Joseph Wadsworth
Matthew Wadsworth
John Walsh
James Whitehead
Miles Whiteley
Jonathan Wilkinson
Moses Wilkinson
William Wood
William Wood
William Wylde

See Etienne Edme Jarry, King's Hanoverian Army, Samuel Lister, Abraham Mather, John Pullinger and George Stansfield

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