Documents relating to William de Stansfeld

The following documents mention William de Stansfeld and members of his family. Some of them may not be naming William son of John.

1335, Grant, by William son of John de Stansfeld to Sir John de Eland, knight, of the reversion after the death of his brother Richard in a tenement etc.

[Nott Arch DD/SR/28/1/19]


1335, Grant by William son of John de Stansfeld to Sir John de Eland, Knight, of the homage and service of Richard de Ekkleslay and others for tenements and lands (Southowram, Lindley, Northowram, co. Yorks.) 

[Nott Arch DD/SR/28/1/20]


Grant, dated 3 May, 1335, by John de Carleton of Norton to Wm de Myrfeld of all his lands etc in Hetonclak, Scholes and Okeneschagh, with all his bondmen (nativis) there with their chattels and issue. Ledes, Sunday, the Invention of the Cross, 29 Edw III.

Witnesses: Sir Simon Warde, Sir Nic. de Wortlay, Sir Chr. Maillore, knts., John de Clocher, John de Sheffeld, John de Seyvilla, Nic. de Gyselay, John de Norton, William de Nevill, Wm de Beston, Wm de Stansfeld, Hugh de Copley, Adam de Helay of Mirfeld, Ric. de Helay.

[A.173 transcribed YAJ vol.8 p. 256]


Entry in Court Rolls of Manor of Wakefield:

  • 1308, Dec 6, Court at Halifax, Tourn there the same day, Sourby: John de Hertlay drew blood from William de Stansfeld; 12d.

  • 1316, Court held at Halifax, Nov 6, William de Stansfeld received Robert de Myddelton an common ill-doer in the lord's chase at the Nativity of St John the Baptist. To be attached.

  • Henry de Lacey, Hugh de Copley and William de Stansfeld stole a horse worth 20s from Ellen of Langfeld. To be taken. William de Stansfeld drew blood from William son of Peter of the croft. Amerced 2s.

  • 1325, June 7, Court at Wakefield, Hiperum: William de Lockewod essoins against John de Mora by William de Stansfeld, surety William Fikhe

  • 1326, Oct 10, Court held at Wakefield, Essoins, Robert de Wyrunthorp by William de Stansfeld, surety Robert de Mora.

  • 1349 May 12. Tourn at Halifax, on the oath of William de Stansfeld, Hugh de Coppelay, Thomas Culpon, Richard de Waddeswrith junior, Richard del Wod, Richard de Estwod, William del Rydyng, Richard de Northland, and others.

  • 1350, May 17. Tourn at Halifax, by oath of William de Stansfeld, Hugh de Coplay, Richard de Waddeswrith, Thomas Culpon, William de Estwod, William son of Thomas de Heptonstall, William Tayllour and others.

  • 1350, October 25. Tourn at Halifax, on the oaths of Hugh de Coplay, William de Stansfeld, Thomas Culpon, William de Coplay and others


A series of transactions involving manor of Askwith:

  • 1329, Aug 20, Assignment by Martin de Grymeston, executor fo the will of Sir William de Hamelton, late dean of York, to Patrick de Marton and William de Stansfeld, of the manor of Askewyth near Denton, which had belonged to Sir Mauger le Vavassour, knt, and which had been adjudged to the dean by a judgment of the king's court, and been delivered with other of Mauger's lands and tenements for a debt of 1000ls which he had recovered against Mauger in said court, etc.

    [Yorkshire Deeds Vol 4, p.13-15]

  • 1329, 27 December, by Patrick de Marton and William de Stansfeld, to Sir Peter de Midelton, knight, demise of rights in a toft and bovates of land lying within the manor of Askwith near Denton, which had been demised to them by Martin of Grimeston; the manor had belonged to Sir Mauger le Vavasour, knight.

    Dated at Askwith. One of the seals: partly broken, an animal passant to the dexter

    [Archives MD 59/1/Ask/4]

  • 1330, 27 October, by Patrick de Marton and William de Stansfeld, to Peter de Middelton, knight. Grant for life of messuages and lands in Askwith

    [MD 59/1/Ask/2]

  • 1331, 8 January, by Patrick de Marton and William de Stansfeld to Sir Peter de Midelton, knight. Quitclaim of rights in lands in Akwith near Denton.

    [MD 59/1/Ask/4a]

  • 1331, 29 June, by Sir Mauger le Vavasour of Denton, to Sir Peter de Myddeleton, knight. Quitclaim in all right in lands which Sir Peter had by the demise of Patrick de Marton and William de Stansfeld.

    [MD 59/1/Ask/8]


Calendar of Patent Rolls, Edward III

There are a number of entries in the Patent Rolls listing men appointed purveyors for Queen Isabella's household. William de Stansfeld appears on the lists on the following dates:

May 30 1328
October 13 1328
May 3 1329
October 20 1329
April 10 1330
April 18 1336
August 8 1337
June 16 1338
October 20 1342
July 12 1344
September 26 1345

Queen Isabella was living at Castle Rising, Norfolk. There was an estate in Norfolk, Stanfeld Hall Estate, in the parish of Wymondham, about 2 miles from that town. The original hall (rebuilt in 1796) was of ancient date and said to be the property of Earl Warren in the time of William the Conqueror. Certainly Stanfeld parish was in the possession of William, Earl Warrene.

There are some references to members of a family, Stanfeld, in the earlier period in Norfolk: 1251 Robert de Stanfeld, 1292 and 1293 Thomas de Stanfeld.

William de Stansfeld purveyor to Queen Isabella, may not be the same person as William son of John de Stansfeld. The connection to the family in Calderdale has not been proven, though there is evidence to suggest it


1350, 8 June, Feoffment: Richard son of Richard son of Adam de Waddesworth to Henry son of William de Sothill. Property: Cremlesworth field and other lands in Wadsworth.

Witnesses: William de Stansfeld, William his son, Thomas Culpan, Thomas de Soothil de Hill, William son of William son of William Halif, Thomas del Hyrst. Given at Heptonstall.

[WYAS Calderdale MISC:205/6]


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