Documents relating to William de Stansfeld

The following documents mention William de Stansfeld and members of his family

1350, 8 June, Feoffment : Richard son of Richard son of Adam de Waddesworth to Henry son of William de Sothill. Property: Cremlesworth field and other lands in Wadsworth.

Witnesses: Willam de Stansfeld, William his son. Thomas Culpan, Thomas de Soothil de Hill, William son of William son of William Halif, Thomas del Hyrst.

Given at Heptonstall.

[WYAS Calderdale MISC:205/6]


Wakefield Court Rolls 1350 The vill of Warhillay (Warley) presents that William son of William de Stansfeld drew blood from Thomas del Longbothom

1353 Deed whereby John son of Thomas de Lascy gives to John de Bollyng, Elias de Burton and John de Crosseland, chaplain his manor of Cromwelbothom.

Witnesses: Sir Brian de Thornhill, Sir Henry de Sothill, knights, William de Mirfeld, John Sayvell de Eland, Robert de Bollyng, William de Leventhorp, William de Stansfeld, Hugh de Coppelay

[Transcribed by John Stansfeld in his History of the Stansfeld Family p.118; original document appears to have been lost]


1354, Quitclaim, dated 6 December, by Thomas, son of Robert de Whitewode and Margaret his late wife to Adam son of Thomas, uncle of the said Thomas de Whitewode, of his right in lands, tenements etc. called Croshouse, of Clifton.

Witnesses: William de Myrfeld, John de Seyuyl, Lord of Eland, William de Stansfeld, Hugh Coupplay, Elias de Byrton, Henry de Ryswod, John de Clay, John de Godlay.

[Calderdale Archives, KM/63]


1355, 3 May. Grant by John de Carleton of Norton to Wm. de Myrfeld of all his lands etc. in Hetonclak, Scholes and Okeneschagh with all his bondmen (nativis) there with their chattels and issue.

Witnesses: Sir Simon Warde, Sir Nic. de Wortlay, Sir Chr. Maillore, knts., John de Clocher, John de Sheffeld, John de Seyvila, Nic. de Gyselay, John de Northon, Wm. de Nevill, Wm. de Beston, Wm. de Stanfeld, Hugh de Copley, Adam de Helay of Mirfeld, Ric. de Helay. Ledes, Sunday the Invention of the Cross, 28 Edw III.

[Yorkshire Deeds, YAJ vol. 8, A173]


Court Rolls Manor of Wakefield:

  • 1362, 18 May, Tourn at Halifax

    It was found by an inquisition consisting of

    William de Stansfeld, Hugh de Copley, Thomas Culpon, John de Godley, Thomas de Northland, John del Shore, William de Tayllevas, John del Seme [Dene?], Thomas de Feld, William de Oldfeld, William son of Thomas de Grenewod, and William de Croskloughe,

    that the Prior of Lewes and Parson of Halifax, ought to receive, at the charge of the said Prior, the Lord's servants upon their coming to hold the Lord's turns at Halifax, and entertain them in the Rectory there.

    And of this, the Lord was siezed, time out of memory, until a certain Hugh de Totehill, procurator of the Rectory, retracted the hospitium of the Prior, and so had it been retracted, twelve years with heavy loss.

    [Dodsworth MSS. vol 58, folio 19 in the Bodleian Library]

  • 1363, Deed : Hugh Talvas granted Richard vicar of Halifax, the manor of Copley in the township of Shircoat.

    Witnesses: John Savile de Eland, Henry Savile, John de Lacy, Will de Stansfeld, Thomas Culpan.

    [Dodsworth MS 117 fol 159r]

  • 1370, John son of Thomas Culpon died seized of three messuages and 60 acres of land and meadow in Sowerby. Maud the wife of William Stansfeld, Jone the wife of William de Silkeston, Margaret the wife of Robert Priestley, Katerine Cuplan and Alice Cuplon are sisters and coheirs of John and paid a fine of 13s 4d.

    [Harleian MSS 70, AA140b]


In the Subsidy Rolls (poll tax) for 1379 the entry for Stansfeld Township commences:

John de Schore and wife, Marchaunt, paid 12d
William de Stansfeld and wife, Marchaunt, paid 12d

There are 40 other names for the township, they paid 4d each


In the 1379 Subsidy Rolls, the only other Stansfelds are

Nicholaus de Stanefeld, ffranklan and wife, paid 3s 4d (in Bingley parish) 
William Stanfeld & Johanna wife paid 4d (in Pontefract) 


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