Press reports concerning Nicholas de Stansfeld

The following press cuttings Nicholas de Stansfeld and members of his family

An entry in the 1379 subsidy for Bingley Parish reads

Nicholaus de Stanefeld, ffranklan and wife, paid 3s 4d


Calendar of Patent Rolls:

1364, Feb 2, Westminster [membrane 49d] Commission of oyer & terminer to John Moubray, Thomas de Bradewell, Thomas de Ingelby, Thomas atte Lathe and William de Estfeld, on complaint by the king's son Edmund earl of Cambridge, that Thomas Dautrey of Cravene, William Gergrave, Nicholas de Stansfeld, John de Shelley John Fitz William, 'chivaler', Thomas, prior of the church of St Oswald, Nostell, William de Aldeburgh, 'chavaler', Robert de Morton, Robert atte Wode, John Lascy, John Lang 'that was Edwardservant Bailliolf', John de Stratherne 'that was Edwardservant Bailliolf', Philip de Dalton, Thomas Briddle, Thomas de Mysyn, John Nobel, parson of the church of Bulwych, and others, broke his parks and closes and entered his free chases and warrens at Haytelfeld, Fysshelake, Thorne, Staynford, Conyngesburgh, Braythwell, Mykelbrynk, Clifton, Wakefeld, Sandale, Stanley, Osset, Horbyrhy, Holnfirth, Burton, Heperoun, Sourby, Warlullay, Wadsworth and Stansfeld co. York, hunted in these, felled his trees, fished in his several fisheries, dug in his several turbaries, caried away the turnves thrown out, fish, trees and other goods of his and deer from his parks and chases, and hares, conies, pheasants and partridges from his warrens, trode down and consumed with cattle his crops and grass there and assaulted hbis men and servants. By K


Calendar of Close Rolls, Richard II p.230

1378 Nov 28, Westminster (membrane 18d) To the Sheriff of York. Like writ, by mainprise of William Gascoigne, Robert de Sadyngton, John de Rouclif and Richard Gascoigne of Yorkshire, in favour of William de Gairgrave, John de Denton, Willilam Castleford, Henry Filche chaplain, Nicholas Stansfeld, William de Mercheden the younger, Henry Nelot, John Graunt, John son of William de Castelford and John Thomson of Sandale at suit of John de Kent, Adam Roberd and John Roberd all of Wakefield


1386, Oct 12, Demise by Richard de Ilkelay, chaplain, and Thomas Machon of Horton, the elder, to John Chartres of Bynglay and Alice his wife, of all their lands and tenements whch they had of the grant and feoffment of the said John in the vill of Bynglay; to hold with appurtenances for their lives, with remainder to Richard, John's son, and Isabel his wife, daughter of John de Bollyng, and the heirs of their bodies; with remainder in default of issue to John de Bollyng and John Chartres and their heirs in equal portions.

Witnesses, Nicholas de Stansfeld, Simon Mauht, William de Baildon. Signed at Bynglay.

[Yorkshire Deeds Vol 8 no. 43]


Gift, 5 June 1387, by Brian de Stapilton, knight, William de Gascoigne, esq. Alan Brocas and .... clerks, to Bernard Brocas, knight, and Joanna his wife of all his property at Denton in Qwhorledale.

Witnesses Sir Robert de Plumpton, Nicholas de Myddelton, knights; Nicholas de Stansfeld. At Pontefract.

[WYAS WYL639/136]


Calendar of Fine Rolls, Richard II

1388, Nov. 16, Westminster. Commission to Robert Persay, 'chivaler, ... and others, to levy and collect the tenth and fifteenth, payable in moieties at the Annunciation next and Midsummer following.... (considerable details given). ... The like to the following in the counties named : Nicholas de Middelton, 'chivaler', Walter de Calvirley, 'chivaler', John de Waddislay, 'chavaler', .... Nicholas de Stansfeld, Robert de Arthyngton and William Gairgrdave, West Riding co.York, except the city of York


Calendar of Close Rolls, Richard II

1389, Jan 1, Westminster. To Nicholas de Middelton, Walter de Calvirley, John de Waddisley, Thomas de Reresby the elder knights, John del Banke, John de Scarburgh of Barsyngton, Robert de Holme, John de Redmayn, Nicholas de Stansfeld, Robert de Arthyngton and William Gairgrave, appointed with Thomas Maunsell collectors in the Westrithing in Yorkshire, the city of York excepted, of a fifteenth granted by the lords and commons and a tenth by the citizens and burgesses in the parliament last holden at Cantebrigge. Order to collect and answer for the same, not awaiting the presence of Thomas Mausell, whom the king has discharged


Court Rolls of Yeadon

Grenhill (in Bingley). Nicholas de Stansfeld holds freely one tenement in the same place and pays per year at the same terms 2s.



1392, Aug 15, Deed: settling the succession of Wadyngton, near Mankinknowles.

Witnesses: John le Saywell, knight, Henry le Saywell, knight, Richard de Hamerton, Henry de Langefeld, John de Crosleghe, Nicholas de Stansfeld, and others.

[Watson's MSS iij p. 19]


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