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The following documents mention Ralph de Stansfeld and members of his family

In the Manorial Court Rolls, he was amerced at the Halifax Turn for

drawing blood from William Hare [1403]


At the Halifax Turn

Ralph, John, John son of Ralph Stansfeld and R....? Stansfeld were attached for assaulting Richard and Thomas Horneclif, shooting at them and drawing blood, and making a great affray [1416]


1403, 25 Oct, Feoffment by Robert Mathewson of Illingworth to Richard Henreson of Rawtonstall, piece of land called Faludrode in Wadsworth.

Witnesses: Randolph (sic) de Stansfeld, Richard de Wadsworth Thomas del Scha, Henry de Cokcroft and Randolph Draper.

[WYAS SU/B:22]


1404, 18 Nov.

Plea of Covenant. Ralph de Stansfeld, querent, and John del Brygg and Joan his wife, deforciants.

Property: 1 messuage, 16 acres of land, 4 acres of meadow, 4 acres of wood and a fourth part of 1 messuage of 20 acres of land and of 4 acres of wood in Waddesworth and Savreby.

Agreement: John and Joan have acknowledged the tenements to be the right of Ralph. For this: Ralph as granted to John and Joan the tenements and has rendered them to them in the court, to hold to John and Joan, of Ralph and his heirs for the life of Joan, rendering yearly 1 rose at the feast of the Nativity of St John the Baptist and doing to the chief lords all other services. And after the decease of Joan the tenements shall revert to Ralph and his heirs, quit of the heirs of Joan, to hold of the chief lords for ever.

[AALT CP 25/1/279/150 no. 22]


Calendar of Patent Rolls Henry IV, p 225

1410, June 13, Westminster. Commission to William de Haryngton, 'chivaler', Richard Tempest, 'chivaler', Laurence de Hamerton, Thomas Sayvill, William de Radclif, Ralph de Stansfeld, William Gayrgrave and the sheriff of York to arrest Richard de Tournley, William Skilycorne, Bernard de Syngleton, Richard son of John de Legh and John son of Thomas de Bradley and bring them immediately before the king and council at Westminster


1415, 15 May. Feoffment by William de Drapowr, chaplain to Thomas his brother. All property of William's in Wadsworth, given to him by John Drapowr, another brother.

Witnesses Ralph de Stansfeld, Henry Savell of Copley, Thomas del Schagh, Henry del Brig and Richard de Wadsworth.

[WYAS SU/B:25]


1417, 22 April,

Manor of Wakefield court rolls, Halifax Tourn, Ralph Stansfeld and John Aikerode of Wadsworth were presented and ordered to be attached for depasturing in the park there, without licence, during the winter, the former 29 beasts and the latter 6 beasts and 5 horses


1429, 21 Oct


John son of John Rawlyn Draper to Thomas Draper, pieces of land called Broad Bottom and Burlees, in Wadsworth.

Witnesses: Hugh de Keighley, Ralph de Stansfeld and John de Stansfeld



1429, Oct. 28.


Robert de Crosselegh of Stansfeld to Ralph de Stansfeld, Thomas de Schagh, Robert de Southcliff and Richard de Schagh, a messuage etc. in Waddesworth called Brodebothom and Myllyncroft.

Witnesses: Robert Pilkington, John de Stansfeld and William de Schagh.

Same Day:

Power of attorney:

Ralph de Stansfeld, Thomas de Schagh, Robert de Sutcliffe and Richard de Schagh to Nicholas de Stansfeld and John de Schagh, to take up seisin and possession on behalf of Ralph, Thomas, Robert and Richard.

Property: Broad Bottom and Myllyncroft in Wadsworth, formerly belonging to Robert de Crossley.

Witnesses: Robert Pilkington, John de Stansfeld and William de Schagh.

[West Yorkshire Archive Service SU/B:30]


1429, 8 Dec


John son of John Rawlyn Draper to Ralph de Stansfeld, Thomas de Schagh, Robert de Southcliff and Richard de Schagh, messuages called Broad Bottom and Burleghes and land called Myllyncroft in Wadsworth. Witnesses: Robert Pilkington, John de Stansfeld and William de Schagh.

[West Yorkshire Archive Service SU/B:31]


Calendar of Fine Rolls, Henry VI

1434, membrane 12, Collectors of Tax in Yorkshire. Richard Gathersby of Boland, Ralph Stansfeld of the parish of Halyfax, William Bruton of Suttyll, Thomas Russell of Wyghall, Robert Driffeld of Tadcastre, Thomas Breton of Thrybergh, William Gargrave of Wakefeld, Thomas Nuttyll of Ryston in Holdernesse, etc


Calendar of Patent Rolls, p. 370

1434, May 1, Westminster. Commission pursuant to Act of the last Parliament to W. bishop of Lincoln and William le Souche of Haryngworth, 'chivaler', and Thomas Grenham and William Beaufo, knights of the shire for the county of Rutland in the last Parlilamant, to issue their warrant to the sheriff for proclamation in the next court of the county that the following whose names have been certified in chancery by the said knights of the shire as those of persons who should take the oath not to maintain peace breakers referred to in the said Act should appear before the said commissioners or three or two of them and take the said oath. York : J. archbishop of York, and Richard earl of Salisbury also Edmund Darrell, knight, and Robert Hopton, knight, knights of the share for the counry of York commissioners to receive the oath of the following: 51 names including Thomas Sayvell 'chivaler', John Tempest, 'chivaler', William Gascoygne, 'chivaler', Ralph Stansfeld, esquire, Roger Tempest of Broughton, esquire, Robert Pylkyngton of Ayrenden, esquire


1437, 25 June, Quitclaim : John Rawlyn of Keighley, son and heir of John Rawlyn, to Thomas Draper of Wadsworth, all property in Wadsworth formerly belonging to John Rawlyn the father.

Witnesses: Ralph de Stansfeld, esquire, Richard de Schagh, John de Widdop, Robert de Southcliffe and Richard de Wadsworth.

[WYAS SU/B:34]


1439 Lewes Rental for Heptonstall, showing Johanna (Joan) wife of Ralph de Stansfeld and the rent she paid.

Rental de Hemptonstall (Heptonstall) fact. et renovat. p. tenent. apud Halifax xvjmo die Decembr. ann. Hen. sexto post conq. xviij [1439] temp. Johis. Vyncent p'catoris p'oris de lewes in p'tibus Ebor.

Joh'na uxor Radulphi de Stancefelde tenet t'ras et ten. in Hemptonstall et redd pr ann. viijd. Eadem Joh'na tenet 'una p'cell t're nup. capt. de vasto et redd per ann. vd.

[Cottonian MSS. Vespasian F xv. fol. 305b, in British Museum (Copied by John Stansfeld in his History of the Stansfeld Family p.112)]


Entry in a compotus of the possessions of the Commandery of Knights' Hospitallers, at Newland, reads:

In Great Liversedge – the wife of Ralph Stansfeld for Hartishead Hall, former rent 16d – the present rent, 14d


Bodleian Library [Transcribed by John Stansfeld in his History of the Stansfeld Family p.118]


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