Documents relating to Richard de Stansfeld

The following documents mention Richard de Stansfeld and members of his family

While no record has been found stating Richard son of Richard, the spread of documents in which the name appears indicates that there are two generations of Richard de Stansfelds at this point

Grant: for a yearly rent of 1d by Wm son of Wm de Wayth to Wm de Langefeld, clerk of the manor of Thornhill and all his right in that third part of the manor held by Dionisia widow of the grantor's father and in all lands held of the grantor by Richard de Stansfeld.

n.d. [c1270] [Nott Arch DD/SR/36/5]


Deed: undated, from William son of Adam de Birkinsayhe, to William son of John de Mankanholis.

Witnesses: Richard de Stansfeld, John his son, Thomas de Langfeld, William de Stodley, Henry de Stodley, William Canatore of Stansfeld

[History of Family of Stansfeld of Stansfield, p. 110]


The following entries appear in the Court Rolls of the Manor of Wakefield:

  • 1277: Soureby – Richard de Stansfeld gives 40s in order that the inquisition may not be taken on him at the Steward's Tourn at Halifax for harbouring his son, accused of many misdeeds; pledges, Sir John de Heton and John de Querneby
  • 1284: Nov 22, Tourn at Halifax – the 12 jurors included Roger de Rastrik, Richard de Stansfeld, Henry de Rissewith, Thomas de Langgefeud, Thomas de Coppley
  • 1286: Sept 8, Tourn at Halifax – the 12 jurors of Sowerbyshire included Henry de Rissworth, Richard del Dene, Richard de Stansfeld, John de Miggeley
  • 1286: July 20, Court at Halifax, Tourn same day, 12 jurors for Soureby: Thomas de Langfeud, Thomas de Coplay, Richard de Stansfeld, Richard de Wadsworth and others
  • 1298: Court Friday after Ash Wednesday, Holme: Adam s. of Nelle the Smith and John del Dam, for a bull, 6d; pledge Richard de Stansfeld
  • 1298: Court, March 12, Holme: Thomas de Billeclif and Adam del Bourne, for dry wood, 6d and 2d; pledges Adam del Rode and Richard de Stansfeld

The Hundred Rolls of 4 Edward I (1276) Wapentake of Morley:

They say also that Richard de Haydon, steward of Earl Warenne maliciously vexed Richard de Stansfeld and charged him with having harboured a certain felon, and extorted 10 marks from him


Calendar of Close Rolls, 15 Edward I (1287) p.481:

June 3, Westminster: William son of Hugh de Hanewrth came before the king, on Wednesday after St. Petronilla, and sought to replevy to Richard son of William del Estwode and William son of Adam their land in Stansfeld, which was taken into the king's hands after their default against Richard de Stansfeld.

This is signified to the justices of the Bench


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