The Attack on Joshua Cropper by Isaac Charlesworth

In 1825, Isaac Charlesworth, of Halifax, was charged with having violently assaulted and robbed Joshua Cropper of £1 14/- on the highway in the parish of Sheffield.

On 13th August 1825, Charlesworth was executed at York behind Castle Walls for assaulting Joshua Cropper and taking £1 14/-

The sheffi [Saturday 16th July 1825]

Isaac Charlesworth, a shoemaker, had a horse and cart at the property called the White Swan. He called at the Coach & Horses, bottom of Water Lane, to enquire after some person. The prisoner offered to point out the place where this person could be found, and the prisoner, along with three others, conducted him to a stone quarry at the back of the Park Stream Wheel where he was knocked down with an iron Pestle

The York Herald [Saturday 30th July 1825]

Isaac Charlesworth, a labourer, was charged with violently and cruelly assaulting and robbing Joshua Cropper.

The prosecutor, residing at Halifax was at Sheffield, when the prisoner and three others inveigled him into a quarry in the Park, then knocked him down and robbed him. He was severely bruised and for some time insensible.

A marble pestle, with a wooden handle, was seen to drop from the prisoner immediately after the robbery and was observed in his possession about a fortnight before, was no doubt the instrument with which the blows were effected.

Two of the witnesses were on the spot immediately after the robbery, both of whom swore to the prisoner – GUILTY.

Sentence of death was then passed on Isaac Charlesworth for highway robbery in Sheffield Park.

His Lordship informed him that his case was attended with such acts of cruelty and aggravation that he could not possibly leave the city without leaving him for execution.

As Charlesworth left the bar he said

Please ye, my lord, the last words I shall say on the scaffold will be,

they (the witnesses) are perjured men, both of them


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