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The following documents mention John Wilson Paskin

The Halifax Weekly Courier [Saturday 20th January 1872] reported

On Thursday last, a man named John William Paskin, committed suicide by hanging himself at the house of Mr Jos. Vickerman, Gibbet-street.

The circumstances of the case are exceedingly sad.

Some weeks ago, deceased came to England from America (in which country he resided) for the purpose of attending to certain matters relating to some property at Dudley, in Staffordshire. It appears that Mr Vickerman has an uncle in America, with whom deceased was intimately acquainted, and it was at the desire of this gentleman that deceased came to Halifax. It would seem that he has had considerable trouble with the property, and he was delayed from returning home longer than he anticipated. This circumstance seems to have preyed upon his mind, and it was noticed by Mr Vickerman that he had very little to eat, and no desire to sleep.

On Thursday noon, Mr Vickerman missed the deceased, and not finding him, in one of the lower rooms of the house, went up into his bedroom, and there found him suspended by his handkerchief from the bedstead. He was at once cut down finding that he was still alive, although insensible, Mr Vickerman called in Mr S. Chas. Smith, and every effort was put forth with the view to restoring the unfortunate man, but he remained in a state of unconsciousness until just past midnight of the same day, when he expired. Deceased who was about 50 years of age, has a wife and a large family in America


The Halifax Guardian [27th January 1872] reported

In last Saturday's Guardian we stated the suicide of John Wilson Paskin, an American, at the house of Mr Vickerman, Rhodes-street, this town. The inquest was held on Saturday, before Mr W. Barstow, deputy coroner, at the Prince of Wales Inn, Gibbet-street. From the evidence we learn that the deceased, who was 48 years of age, and a farmer at Samaria, in the State of Indiana, United States, came over to England last September, to see after some property near Dudley and Wolverhampton, to which he had a claim. He brought a letter of introduction to Mr Vickerman and became his guest. Mr Vickerman visited Dudley with the deceased, and they returned to Halifax. The deceased went back to Dudley, and returned to Halifax the previous Tuesday, much depressed, in consequence of having to stay so long away from his wife and family. He expected at first that he would be able to get everything settled and return to America in a short time, but the delay preyed heavily upon his mind. He was very low and flat all Wednesday, and on Thursday he hung himself to his bed by a handkerchief. He was found by Mr Vickerman before he was dead, and was instantly cut down, but at that time was insensible. Medical assistance was at once procured, but he never regained consciousness, and died in about eleven hours afterward. The jury returned a verdict of temporary insanity, and thanked Mr Vickerman for his kind attention to the deceased. Mr Edwards from the firm of Messrs Coldicott & Canning, Dudley, watched the case on behalf of relatives.

After the inquest it was stated that this was the second person of the same name who had died suddenly waiting for the settlement of this property


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