Documents relating to William de Stansfeld

The following documents mention William de Stansfeld and members of his family

Wakefield Manor Court Rolls:

  • 1399, April 22, Brighouse Tourn, On the presentation of the Constable of Hipperholme, William Stansfeld amerced for drawing blood

  • 1401, Oct 18, Brighouse Tourn, Hipperholme: the wife of William de Stancefeld was amerced for brewing

  • 1404, William de Stansfeld, Constable of Hipperholme

  • 1406, Oct 6, Brighouse Tourn, list of fines ....... Wm de Stansfeld, 2s, Jauyn de Hyprom, 2s, Ric de Thorp, 2s, John de Thorp, 2s, Roger Mauncell, 2s, and Thomas Tilly, 2s, all of Hiperom, brewing helpales against the statutes

The Extents of 1309 state that John de Stansfeld, then head of the Stansfeld family, and great grandfather of William, was one of the three under-lords in Hipperholme.

While it is not proven that the Stansfelds continued to be under-lords, it appears likely.

For a number of years from 1429 onward we also find William's nephew John (son of Ralph) appearing in the Court Rolls as of Hipperholme.

Calendar of Patent Rolls:

  • 1409, May 18, Westminster. List of pardons. William Stransfeld (sic) of the country of York, esquire, for not appearing to answer William Whitby, citizen and armourer of London, touching a debt of 6 pounds

  • 1419, 15 Mar. Commission de Walliis et fossatis [dikes and trenches] to eight men including William Stransfeld (sic) on the waters of Ayre, Ouse and Done between Tungbrigg by Rouclif and the old course of the Done in the parts of Mersland, co York

Calendar of Close Rolls:

  • 1432, Order for election of a coroner in the Westrithing in Yorkshire instead of William Stansfelde who is insufficiently qualified

  • 1435, Order to the sheriff of Yorkshire for election of a coroner in the Westrithing instead of William Stansfelde who is insufficiently qualified.

    [insufficiently qualified = become too old or unwell]


Manor of Wakefield Court Rolls:

1435, 17 Dec, Court held at Soureby. William Stansfeld v John Bradley in debt in agreement. John in mercy. 2d


William had a nephew, William, son of his older brother Ralph.

In some cases it has not been possible to definitively establish which William features in a document

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