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The following documents mention Geoffrey Stansfeld and members of his family

In 1461, on the orders of Sir John Pilkington, attacks began on the Stansfelds, and other landowners in Calderdale. The first attack on Geoffrey Stansfeld occurred in 1469, at Westmylnes, where he was seized, beaten and left for dead.

In 1474, Robert Pilkington led a group of 20 men who entered Geoffrey's lands in Hartshead, and took possession of a messuage and forty acres of pasture and arable land, ten acres of meadow and twenty acres of wood including 200 oak and ash trees. At the time of the Oyer & terminer inquest (September 1478), Geoffrey had not regained his lands.

In 1477, Geoffrey's messuage in Swyneshead, in the township of Langfield, was seized by Robert Pilkington, leading many others, and this land also Geoffrey had not regained at the time of the inquest.
[Nat. Arch KB9/349/140/182/174]

The king ordered that lands be returned to their rightful owners. Geoffrey's Inquisition Post Mortem shows that, as well as the manor of Hartshead, he also held a messuage and lands in Hartshead called Barkeflatt, but it has yet to be proven that this is the same messuage which he lost. It would appear that he did regain his messuage in Langfield as his Inquisition Post Mortem lists three messuages in Stansfeld one of which was called Swyneshede.

See Land Seizures in Calderdale

1481, 30 May, Grant: Thomas Clyn (?) of Clyfton to Geoffrey Stansfeld, gent., Thomas ?, William ?aynson of Horburye, John Clay of Clifton, and Jacob Kent, chaplain, of messuage, tenements etc. lately had from John Palden, vicar of Myrfeld, in Clyfton. Witnesses: Thomas Brooke, John Bradelle, Richard Clakeborn (?).

[Cald Arch KM/139]


1482. Grant by ------ Cosyn, son and heir of William Cosyn, lately deceased, to John Sayvile, of a messuage in Clifton, lately had of the feoffments of Geoffrey Stansfeld.

Witnesses, Robert Taylor and others.

Dated 15 March, 1482.

[WYAS, Calderdale. KM/140]


1502. [Marriage settlement] Grant and indenture by Galfridus [Geoffrey] Stansfeld, esquire, to James Stansfeld and Elene Paslewe daughter of Alexi [Alexander] Paslewe. Hartshead haule [hall] currently occupied by Agnes late the wife of Radi [Ralph] Stansfeld

Dated 24 July, 1502, at Stansfeld.

[Transcribed from the original]


Writ 4 October, inquisition 14 November, 24 Henry VII [1508 – early 1509]

He was seised in fee of the under-mentioned manors of Stansfeld and Herteshede and 3 messuages, 200a. land, 100a. meadow, 200a. pasture, 40a. wood and 6s. rent in Stansfeld, Waddesworth and Herteshede, and by his charter enfeoffed thereof John Lacy, Percival Thornton, Robert Sutcliffe, John Hall, chaplain, Edward Stansfeld and Thomas Lister, to hold to them their heirs and assigns to the use of himself and his heirs. At his special request the said feoffees granted the said manor of Hertshede and a close in Stansfeld called 'Rawsonfeld' parcel of the said tenements in Stansfeld, to James Stansfeld, his kinsman and heir, and Ellen, daughter of Alexander Parslewe and the heirs male of the body of James, in fulfilment of certain covenants contained in indentures made between him and the said Alexander touching a marriage between the said James and Ellen. Also at his request the said feoffees granted to Robert Stansfeld, his son, a yearly rent of 26s. 8d. issuing from the manor of Stansfeld, for life, and to John Stansfeld, his son, 3 messuages in Waddesworth called 'Redecarre'. 'Hilhous' and Wynterroide' with lands and tenements pertaining thereto, for life. John is still seised thereof accordingly.

At the time of his death the said Geoffrey was seised jointly with Margaret, his wife, – he in his demesne as of in fee and she in her demesne as of free tenement, – of 4 messuages with appurtenances in Stansfeld in the respective tenures of Peter Tomson, Laurence Stansfeld John Grenewode and John Hanson and a messuage with appurtenances in Herteshede in the tenure of William Rayner; and he died seized of such estate therein. Margaret survived him, and is still seized of the premises by survivorship.

Margaret late the wife of Ralph Stansfeld held for life a messuage and lands &c. called 'Barkerflatt' and a close called 'Jomppes' in Herteshede, and 3 messuages with appurtenances in Stansfeld, called 'Swyneshede', 'Overasshes' and 'Nethirasshes,' with reversion to the said Geoffrey and his heirs.

Geoffrey died 1 October last. James Stansfeld, aged 14 years and married to the above-mentioned Ellen, is his kinsman and heir, to wit, son of Ralph his son.

YORK. The manor of Stansfeld and all the premises there, worth 20 marks, are held of Thomas Sotehill, esquire, in socage. The manor of Herteshede and all the premises there, worth 13 marks, are held of the prior of the hospital of St. John of Jerusalem in England in socage. The premises in Waddesworth, worth 40s., are held of Henry Sayvill, son and heir of John Sayvill, knight, in socage. C. Series II. Vol. 22. (62.) 

[Original held at the National Archives under the name, Geoffrey Stannesfeld; transcribed in Calendar of Inquisitions Post Mortem. Henry VII, Vol.III No.544]


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