Documents relating to Oliver de Stansfeld

The following documents mention Oliver de Stansfeld and members of his family

1287. Assignment by the abbot and convent of Kyrkestall to Oliver de Stanfeld. To give seisin to Gilbert de la Lye of the tenement which Gilbert holds of the said abbot & convent of Clyuacher according to the form of the charter which he had thereof.

[Lanc Arch DDTO/O/1/13]


1292. Charter. Henry de Lacy, earl of Lincoln, to Oliver de Stansfeld, our receiver for Pontefract, the homage and service of the free tenants of Worsthorne (21 tenants listed) for which Oliver de Stansfeld and his heirs by Emma once (formerly) his wife to pay 1d per annum at the feast of St Giles.

[Whitaker, History of Parish of Whalley, vol ii p 229-30]


This was the origin of the later manor of Worsthorne. Oliver obtained various tenements in Worsthorne, including lands in Shedden, from the proprietors both before and after the lordship was given to him. In a number of these documents he is called Oliver the clerk de Stansfeld.

[Vict. Hist. of Lancashire vol 6 p. 474n for more details of land purchases]

1293, 11 Oct. Grant. Rich. de Baghill to John de Wakefield of Pontefract and Sibilla his wife. In Fetherstan [Featherstone].

Witnesses: Oliver de Stansfeld constable of Pontefract Castle, Adam Goldy, Hugh le Charter, (and others). At Pontefract, Sun before St Luke, 21 Edw. I.

[Nott Arch DD/FJ/1/259/14]


1294, Oct. 24. Charter. I Oliver de Stanesfelde have granted and by this present charter confirm to William my son and Mabilie his mother and legitimate heirs of the said William one messuage with buildings in Towneworthe in the villa of Bilyngton and all my land and my meadow written below namely beginning at le Holclogheued and so to the land Bernard held and so from the said land of Bernard following the Caldyr to Brokeholehirstesike and so along Brokeholehirdstesike to Mulecornehurst brok and from there to le Greneriddynge, and so along le Greneriddynge to the land of John de Bilyngton brother of the said Mabilie, and then following beside the land of John Glebedehirste and so from there along to Holclogheued by middle Glebedekar. To have and hold as true owners, etc.

Witnesses: Hugone Cliderhou, Ric. Punchardon, Joh. de Blakeburn, Bernardo del Hakkyng, Willmo Heskayth, Willmo de Aluetham, Rob. de Holden, Henry. de Bradehull, and many others.

Dated at Whalleye.

[The Coucher Book or Chartulary of Whalley Abbey, vol. iv No. 1065]


1295. Confirmation. Robert s. of Alexander de Worthstorne to Oliver Stanesfeud; 4d of annual rent issuing form land in Thyrsewalkehyrst in Worthstorne which Gilbert de Bottedene held.

[Lanc Arch DDTO/O/(1)/3]


Undated. Confirmation. Robt. son of Robt. son of Alex. de Woristorne to Oliver de Stansesfeud; land in S. to hold of Hen de Lascy, Earl of Lincoln. (place named: Scheydene) 

[Lanc Arch DDTO/K/9/8]


Undated. Quitclaim. Robt. s of Wm. s. of Westemund de Worsthorn to Oliver de Stanesfeud; all my right in the rent of 1d yearly for a tenement in Worstorn.

[Lanc Arch DDTO/O/12/20]


Undated. [late 13th C]. Quitclaim. 1. William de Nony, master of the hospital of St. Nicholas of Pontefract. 2. Richard son of William de Cheuet. William quitclaims to Richard all right in all lands, meadows, sheepfolds, pastures and other tenements with appurtenances which he had held in Cheuet.

Witnesses: Olivier de Stanesfeud, constable of Pontefract, Walter de Sutton, clerk, Adam de Castelford, Henry de Biry, Adam Achard, Richard de Bergh, Robert de Silkeston.

[YAS MD335/3/1/5/35]


Undated. [late 13th C]. Quitclaim. 1 Edmund son of Richard Normaund. 2. William de Nony. Edmund quitclaims to William all rights to lands etc. which he held in Chyuet. [Apparently the same land as in MD335/3/1/5/34].

Witnesses: Oliver de Stanesfeud, constable of Pontefract, Walter de Sutton, clerk, (and others).

[YAS MD335/3/1/5/36]


1306, April 20. Westminster. To the sheriff of York. Order to receive 140 quarters of wheat and 300 quarters of oats that Henry de Lacy, earl of Lincoln, has granted to the king as a loan from Oliver de Stanesfeld,constable of the earl's castle of Pontefract, to whom the earl has sent his letters as to this, by indenture between the sheriff and Oliver at the earl's manor of Whytegift, and to cause them to be carried with all possible speed to Berwick-on-Tweed so that they shall be there by the Ascension next at the latest.

[Calendar of Close Rolls, Edward I vol.5 p.375]


1315. Quitclaim. Gilbert de la Legh to John de la Legh my son; all my right in the tenement in Hirstwode which Oliver de Stansfeld gave to the same John and which John demised to Gilbert for a term of years

[Lanc Arch DDTO/K/2/45]


1323 Charter of Richard de Hudleston, knight, confirming the granting to Thomas son of Geoffrey le Scrop, knight, and to Richard de Moselaye church rector of ffryston the manor of Choo [Chew] with all pertaining to it and moiety [half] of the vill of Billington with all pertaining to it, for the life of the said Thomas and Richard, after decease to Geoffrey le Scrop and his heirs.

Witnesses: Robert de Schireburn, Adam Banastre and Adam de Cliderhou, knights, Henry de Clayton, Oliver de Stansfeld, and others.

[Coucher book of Whalley Abbey vol. iv, LV 988]


Sir Geoffrey le Scrop [born before 1285 died 1340], lawyer, soldier & diplomat, was Chief Justice of the King's Bench for four periods between 1324 and 1338

1331, Sept 30. Westminster. William de Bradshaigh and Oliver de Stansfeld represented the County of Lancashire in Parliament. [Parliamentary Rep. of Lanc. Duncombe Pink & Beavan]

1332 Charter of Geoffrey le Scrop, knight, granting the manor of Chew and half the vill of Billington to the abbot and convent of Whalley. Passed at York.

Witnesses: Henry le Scrop, Richard de Huddleston, Robert de Shireburne, Adam de Clitheroe, Richard de Hoghton, Adam Banastre, and John de Downham knights, William de Tatham, parson of Witton, Thomas de Osbaldeston, Gilbert de la Legh, Richard de Merclesden, John son of John de Blackburn, Olivier de Stansfeld, and Robert de Plesington

[Kuerden MS (Chet.Lib.) S370]


1334, 13 Jan. Agreement. (i) Abbot Robert and the Cistercian monks of Whalley (ii) parishioners of the chapelries of Whalley, viz. Burnley, Colne, Alvetham, Chyrche, Haslyngden and the parishioners of the townships of Symondeston, Pad[i]ham, Twyselton, Hapton, Reved, Downom, Penhulton and Chatburne -- (ii) to pay yearly for each cartload of tythes, one farthing of silver.

Witnesses: John de Alvertham, Henry son of John de Clayton, Gilbert de Legh, John de Legh, Oliver de Stansfeld, Adam de Walshagh, William de Holstead, Nicholas de Holden, John de Walshagh, (and 15 others). Given at Whalley in Feast of S. Hillary.

[Lanc Arch DDWH/6/1]


Undated. Confirmation. Robt. s. of Ric. Fytel of Worthstorn to Oliver de Stanesfeud; all my part in the mill of Worstorne, which belongs to a half bovate of land, to wit, the thirty second part of the said mill & all my part of the meadow upon Crokehalye in le Netherkerre; the waste upon Fytelgrene upon the rivulet of Scheydene; the new enclosure of Sheydene; le Thystelyrode within the vill of Worthstorne.

[Lanc Arch DDTO/O/9/3]


1339, 16 Mar. Gift from Sir Thomas de Ardern. Parties: (1) Sir Thomas de Ardern, (2) Richard son of William de Radeclif, Adam his brother and John de Gristwayth vicar of Blackburn. Property : a third part of the manor of Wysewall, with appurtenances and free chase of Wysewall, and the homage and service of John de Alvertham, John del Clogh and his daughter Joan, John de Blakeburn of Wysewall, Adam son of Richard son of Robert de Wyeswall, Margery widow of Adam le Milner of Wysewall, Henry le Chappeman, Adam son of Henry son of Gilbert de Worstorn, Richard del Brigg of Brunlay, Laurnace son of John de la Legh and William del Hallested for all lands held by them in the manor. Withesses: Robert de Radeclif sheriff of Lancashire, John de Radeclif, John de Dyneleye, Oliver de Stansfeld, Robert de Plesyngton. Given at Whalley, Tuesday after St Gregory Pope, 13 Edw. III

[East Riding of Yorkshire Archives zDDX152/6/1]


1349, 7 Mar. Feoffment. For unspecified consideration: Henry son of Thomas de Symondstone to Peter de Tatersell – messuage, lands and tenements in Clyvacher [Cliviger] held for life by Richard de Tatersall and Alice his wife by gift of Thomas at 6d. rent.

Witnesses; Giolbert de la Legh, John de Dyneley, Adam de Briddistuesill, Adam de Wallessche and Oliver de Stanisfeld. At Cliviger.

[Lanc Arch DP/439/2]


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