Documents relating to Henry de Stansfeld

The following documents mention Henry de Stansfeld and members of his family

Yorkshire Deeds Volume 4, p. 90, under the heading Old Lindley (Stainland), No. 302 : Dec. 10, 9 Henry VII (1493).

Grant by Joan Stansfeld wife of Henry Stansfeld lately dead, in her widowhood, to John Notyngham, her kinsman (consanguenio)  (sic) of all her lands, tenements, meadows, woods, and pastures in Totyll in the township of Rastryke, Fexby, and Linley in the township of Stainland; to become effective after her death.

Witnesses: Edward Dughte Henry Pott, chaplains, and John Oytes, son of Nicholas Oytes. Halyfax


John Stansfeld, on page 117 of his History of the family, has an abstract of this grant, which he attributes to Dodsworth's MS: "1493. Jone de Stansfeld relict of Henry de Stansfeld gave to John de Nottingham her cosin (sic) all her lands and tents [tenements] in Rastrick, Fekysby and Linley. 10th December 9th Henry VII [1493]. British Museum, Harleian MSS. 797 AA 140a." He continues on the same page: "And amongst the deeds at Fixby, Watson [Rev. John Watson] copied a quit-claim by John Nottingham, to Nich. Savile, of all right in a messuage lands, etc, in the graveship of Rastick, or in the vills of Fekisby, Totehill, Linley, hamlet de Stayneland or elsewhere, witnesses, John Thornhill esq. John Hanson, Gilbert Clay, chaplain, etc.,15th May 20th Henry VII [1505]"

However the abstract of the grant which appears in Dodsworth's Yorkshire Notes, under the heading "Fixby", is incorrectly dated to Henry VI. It reads : "In Mr Hanson's Collections. AA140. Jone de Stansfeld relict of Henry de Stansfeld gave to John de Nottingham his cousin all the lands & tenemts [tenements] in Rastrick, Fekisby & Linley. 10 Dec. 9 H. 6 (1430-31)."

J. Horsfall Turner in his History of Brighouse etc., p194, under "Fixby", appears to have copied Dodsworth's entry as he writes: "Jone widow of Henry de Stansfeld gave to John de Nottingham lands in Rastrick, Fekisby and Linley, 1430. "Horsfall Turner may have thought this was supported by the following transaction in the Wakefield Court Rolls, to which he later refers, and which shows a John Nottingham in the area in this period : "Dec 30 1434: John Notyngham and Joan his wife, she examined by Robert Flemeyng, deputy of John Harryngton, steward, present in court, surrendered into the lord's hands 3 closes called Coweroide, Lawroide and Horlawegrenefelde, containing Hyperome to the use of John Lassye, John Rysshworth, Henry Rysshworth and Henry Claye and their heirs for ever. Agreed to hold by customary service. Entry fine 10s".

[YAS vol. 15]

There is sufficient supporting evidence to be confident that the 1493 date is correct. The John Nottingham of the 1434 entry would have been the ancestor of John Nottingham in the 1493 and 1505 entries as shown by the will of Robert Otes of Halifax, written Dec 4, 1504, which states "... Also I leave to Agnes Otes my wife, William and Robert Otes my sons, and Margaret Otes my daughter all that term of years which I hold to me and my assigns in certain closes in the township of Northourome called Cowroies by the surrender of John Notyngham and Imania his wife to be equally divided amongst the said Agnes, William, Robert, and Margaret"


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