Monumental & Other Inscriptions in Halifax Parish Church

The book

The Monumental & Other Inscriptions in Halifax Parish Church

by Dr Ely Wilkinson Crossley is a collection of epitaphs and monumental inscriptions which are – or were – to be found in Halifax Parish Church.

The book was published in 1909.

Many entries in the Calderdale Companion which refer to

a memorial ... in Halifax Parish Church

use information from this book

Published in 1909

The following people and the epitaphs are recorded in the book

The Waterhouse family of Halifax

John Baldwin
William Baldwin
Joseph Bates
John Batley
Richard Bracken
Richard Broome

John Caygill
Frances Chamberlain
Mary Chamberlain
William Chamberlain
Richard Clapham
Ralph Clayton
Mary Cockcroft
Rev Dr Henry William Coulthurst
Bryan Crowther

Joshua Dunn
Joshua Dunn

Frank Whitworth Eagar
Charles Edwards
John Edwards
John Edwards
Joseph Edwards
Sarah Edwards
John Emmet
John Emmet
William Emmet

Dr John Favour
Bishop Robert Ferrar
William Finch
Joseph Fourness
John Furness
Captain John Furness
Samuel Furness

George Gibson
Michael Gibson
Robert Gibson
Robert Gibson
William Gibson
Captain William Greame
Henry Greame
James Greame
John Greame
William Greame
John Greenwood
William Greenwood
William Grimshaw

John Hanson
Rev Oliver Heywood
Thomas Holdsworth
Thomas Holdsworth
Rev Thomas Holdsworth
William Holdsworth
John Holroide
Dr Richard Hooke
Rev Edmund Hough
Anne Hoyland
William Hoyland
Dr Joseph Hulme

Christopher Ibbetson
Thomas Ibbetson

Joshua Jackson

James King
John King
John King
Samuel King
Samuel King
Samuel Kinge
Mrs Frances Kirke
William Kitchingman
Thomas Kitson
Rev Samuel Knight

John Lacy
Dr James Lister
James Lister
Jeremy Lister
John Lister

Rev William Midgley
James Mitchell
John Murray
Rev Charles Musgrave

Elizabeth Nelson
Jonathan Nicholls
James Edward Norris
Sydney Norris
William Norris

Phoebe Oates
Dr Jonathan Oldfield

Robert Parker
Rev Francis Parratt
William Pool
Elizabeth Judith Prescott
Dr John Prescott
Margaret Prescott
Mary Prescott
Thomas Preston
Captain E. C. H. Price

Elizabeth Ramsbottom
Francis Ramsbottom
Mary Ramsbottom
Robert Ramsbottom
Robert Ramsbottom
Henry Ramsden
John Ramsden
John Markland Rawson
Christopher Taylor Rigge
Thomas Rigge
Thomas Rigge
William Rokeby
Jeremiah Rossendale
Catharine Royds
Harriet Royds
John Royds
Mary Royds

Joseph Sagar
Thomas Sayer
Dr John Scofield
John Sharp
Dr Solomon Charles Smith
Richard Somerscale
Valentine Stead
Simon Sterne
Robert Stockdale
Daniel Holgate Sugden
William Swaine

Richard Taylor
Archbishop John Tillotson
Gordon Dermer Travers

James Waddington
Henry Wadsworth
John Wadsworth
Anne Elizabeth Waterhouse
John Waterhouse
Maria Watkinson
Edward Bertram West Symes
James Wetherherd
James Wetherherd
Christopher Chamberlain Whetherherd
James Whetherherd
Daniel Whitaker
James Wigglesworth
Benjamin Wilkinson
Rev Robert Wilkinson
John Wilson
William Wright

See Halifax Parish Church: Memorials and Monumental Inscriptions in Halifax Parish Church: CD

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