Sir Richard Saltonstall


Sir Richard Saltonstall, the son of Sir Samuel Saltonstall was born at Huntswick Hall (or Lodge), near Wragby in Lincolnshire, and baptised in Halifax,

He was one of the first scholars at Heath Grammar School.

He was a Nonconformist; Justice of the Peace for the West Riding of Yorkshire; lord of the Manor of Ledsham, near Leeds; knighted [1618]; the Treasurer for Lame Soldiers.

In 1609, he married (1) Grace [1579-1630],

Grace was the daughter of Anne [née Flower] and Robert Kaye [15??-1612], whose ancestry could be traced back to Edward III. Her father Robert was the son of John Kaye [15??-1612] and Dorothy Mauleverer [1528-1???], the daughter of Robert Mauleverer [1???-1540] and Alice Markenfield [1???-1552]


  1. Richard
  2. Rosamund
  3. Samuel [bapt 1614-1696]
  4. Robert
  5. Grace
  6. Henry Sir Richard Saltonstall
  7. John
  8. Ann

In 1628, he married (2) Elizabeth West [1573-1???], a daughter of Lord Delaware.

Elizabeth [born 11th September 1573 at Wherwell, Hampshire], was the daughter of Sir Thomas West, 2nd Baron De La Warre, who had married [19th November 1571] Anne Knollys.

In 1593/4, Elizabeth had married to Sir Herbert Pelham of Michelham Priory, becoming his 2nd wife.

Elizabeth's paternal grandparents were William West and Elizabeth Strange.

Elizabeth's maternal grandparents were Sir Francis Knollys and Lady Catherine Carey.

Elizabeth's maternal great grandparents were Sir William Carey and Mary Boleyn, said to be sister of Anne Boleyn


In 1629, Sir Richard sent two servants – Hugh Tilley and William Eedes – with some cattle to New England.

In 1629, he became a member of the Massachusetts Bay Company and an associate of 6 people who bought Massachusetts Bay from the Plymouth Company in 1627/8.

On 26th August 1629, together with Thomas Dudley, Isaac Johnson, Rev George Phillips, and John Winthrop, and 7 others, he signed an agreement

to pass the seas and to inhabit and continue in New England

provided that the patent and whole government of the plantation should be transferred to them and other colonists.

After his wife's death, he sold all his property, and he and his children sailed from Yarmouth [April 1630] to New England, passengers on the Arbella, a ship of the Winthrop Fleet which left England on 26th August 1629. A maid accompanied the two daughters, and Richard Diffy, a servant to Sir Richard.

Sir Richard was made assistant to John Winthrop, the new governor, and the Winthrop party landed in the colony on 22nd June 1630 to establish the settlement of Watertown.

At Watertown, Sir Richard was fined five pounds for whipping two persons without an Assistant. He was also ordered to compensate two Indians for the loss of their wigwam burned by his servants.

In November 1630, a Court held that Richard Diffy, a servant to Sir Richard shall be whipped for his misdemeanour towards his master.

On 18th May 1631, he was one of those who took the Oath of Freemen of Massachusetts Bay Colony,

In 1631, because of the illness of his 2 young daughters – Rosamund and Grace – he returned to England, leaving 3 of his sons in America.

He married (3) Miss Wilford.

In 1644, he became Ambassador to Holland. His portrait was painted by Rembrandt.

In 1649, he was one of the high court judges who sentenced the Duke of Hamilton, Lord Capel, and others to death for treason.

In 1651 he wrote to John Cotton and John Wilson a letter of remonstrance in regard to their persecution of the Quakers.

In 1660, at the restoration of Charles II, Sir Richard was in Newtown, Montgomeryshire.

On 18th July 1660, the Council of Charles II issued an order to Sir Matthew Price, High Sheriff of Montgomeryshire, to arrest Vavasor Powell – who was described as a most factious and dangerous minister), Sir Richard Saltonstall and Captain Richard Price of Aberbechan all of whom were allegedly concerned in a plot to depose Charles II.

By 2nd August 1660, Powell had been taken into custody, while Sir Richard Saltonstall and Captain Price had fled.

He was buried at Halifax Parish Church

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