Heptonstall Graveyard

Both churches – St Thomas the Apostle Church and St Thomas à Becket – share the same graveyard.

There are an estimated 100,000 burials in the old graveyard which lies between the 2 Churches.

Old Section

The following people, and/or members of their family, were buried in the Old Section


and others were buried inside the Church.

In 1911, Gamaliel Sutcliffe gave land for a new graveyard and the old graveyard was closed to new burials in 1915.

New Section

The following people, and/or members of their family, were buried in the New Section, also known as The Cemetery

Ben  Ackroyd

Matthew  Bairstow
Sam  Barker
Caroline  Berry
Emmaline  Berry
James  Thomas Berry
John  Berry
Hinchliffe  Booth
Richard  Sutcliffe Bourn
Simpson  Bowes

Barker  Thomas Clegg
John  Crabtree
Henry  Thomas Cunliffe

William  Dearden
John  Dugdale

Robert  Shackleton Eastwood

Robert  Feather
William  Fielding

Harold  Gibson
Joshua  Gibson
Ellis  Greenwood

Richard  Greenwood
Squire  Greenwood
Thomas  Greenwood

Harry  Heap
Henry  Heap
Phoebe  Heyhirst
Henry  Heyhirst
John  Heyhirst
John  Heyhirst
Benjamin  Hodgson
John  Hodgson
Hartley  Hollinrake
James  Hollinrake
Jonas  Hollinrake

Harry  King

George  Masters
Champion  Murgatroyd
Champion  Murgatroyd
Henry  Murgatroyd
John  Murgatroyd

John  William Ogden
Reverdy Carriborne Otley

Abraham  Robertshaw

Thomas  Slater
Albert  Edward Stansfield
Alfred  Sunderland
Arthur  Sutcliffe
Eileen, wife of Sir  Harold Sutcliffe
Helena  Sutcliffe
John  Thomas Sutcliffe
William  Sutcliffe
William  Sutcliffe
William  Henry Sutcliffe
James Sutcliffe-Thomas
Benjamin  Sykes
Wright  Sykes

Henry  Murgatroyd Thomas
John  Thomas

Arthur  Uttley
Betsy  Uttley
Ingham  Uttley
Mary  Uttley

Richard  Wadsworth
Alexander  Wild


Some of the monumental inscriptions in the graveyard are shown in the book entitled Burials at the Chapels of Heptonstall & Cross Stone and at Memorial Inscriptions from the gravestones at Heptonstall churchyard on the Hebden Bridge Local History Section websitehist

See Chantry House, Heptonstall

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