Local Characters

There have been several characters who were familiar to the people of Halifax – not always for the best reasons

This Foldout presents some of those mentioned here

Johnny Abrahams
Mrs  Adams
America Jim

Betty o' th' Fly
Lister Brearley
William  Brearley

Herbert  Ellis Carter
Thomas (Tom) Castle
Jim Cawthra
Tommy Cheesebits

Ike Danger
Thomas  Davies

John  Eastwood

Fag-Ash Lil
Fat Dan
The Fiddler
Lillian (Lily) Fogg
Mordecai Fortune


Half-a-crown Fanny
Walter  Helliwell
Elizabeth Hindle
William  Holt

Ben  Illingworth
Billy  Fish

Joseph  Hobson Jagger

Harry Longbottom
Thomas  Longbottom
Mrs Pandozi
Harry  Lund

Mad Rat
Johnny Markswell
Fred Mitchell
Timothy  Mitchell
Albert Muir

Nanny: Mad Nanny
The Negro of Victoria Road, Halifax
Mrs  Nolan
Ab Nutter

Mr  Ossipov
Ovenden Grunt

Jack Payne
Edmond  Pickup
Bull Pratt

Radical Bob

Salt Jimmy
William (Billy) Somerville

John  Taylor
Joe Fiddler Thompson
Tom Tat
Turvin Jim

Water Molly

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