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Earnshaw, A.Ref 203-220
[18??-1???] He was a member of Halifax Town Council / an engineer.

He established A. Earnshaw & Sons

Earnshaw, AbrahamRef 203-336
[1???-1???] Constable at Todmorden & Walsden [1748]

Earnshaw, AbrahamRef 203-19
[17??-17??] Of Ovenden.

On 17th October 1767, brothers Thomas Boys [aged 27] and Richard Boys [aged 24] of Colne, were executed at the Tyburn for

the highway robbery of Earnshaw, holding a knife to his throat and putting him in fear of his life

They had stolen 8 guineas and 2 shillings in silver from him.

These 2 brothers had married 2 sisters, who, with their father, attended the execution and then conveyed the bodies to Halifax for burial

Earnshaw, AbrahamRef 203-7
[1811-1???] Born in Ovenden.

He was a shoemaker [1841, 1851].

Around 1832, he married Ann [1811-1???].

Ann was born in Southowram


  1. William [b 1832] who was a book binder [1851]
  2. John [b 1835] who was a shoe maker [1851]
  3. Henry
  4. Martha [b 1840] who was a part-timer in mill [1851]
  5. Mary [b 1840]
  6. Hannah [b 1842]
  7. Thomas [b 1847]
  8. Joseph [b 1850]

They lived at

  • Lower Bank Top, Southowram [1841]
  • Bank Top, Southowram [1851]

Earnshaw, Rev Alan MarkRef 203-113
[19??-] He was Vicar of St George's Church, Ovenden [1966] / Vicar of Coley [1990].

He was said to be a very autocratic character. At one point he demanded that the font be replaced. When parishioners suggested that the old font be sited in the churchyard where it might be used to display flowers, he insisted that it be broken up and buried in the churchyard, lest black magic powers be invoked

Earnshaw, CrossleyRef 203-698
[1840-1???] Born in Holmfirth.

He was a railway goods porter [1871].

He married Mary Ann, widow of Albert Veal.


  1. Willie [b 1870]

The family lived at Back Prospect Street, Claremount [1871]. Mary Ann's children were living with them

Earnshaw, Rev CyrilRef 203-320
[1???-19??] Priest at St Joseph's Catholic Church, Brighouse [1935]

Earnshaw, DanielRef 203-4
[1792-18??] He served with the 2nd Battalion 84th Foot York & Lancaster Regiment in the Peninsular War

Earnshaw, ElkanahRef 203-625
[1???-18??] A farmer at Ovenden.

In June 1849, newspapers reported that

[Earnshaw] has a duck which laid an egg measuring 8½ inches in diameter and weighing 8 ounces. Another egg was found in the inside

Earnshaw, ElkanahRef 203-7760
[1816-1891] A farmer of Cock Hill Gate, Ovenden.

The Bradford Weekly Telegraph [Saturday 5th March 1887] reported

A Hint to Cattle Dealer

Elkanah Earnshaw and James Horsfield, Cock Hill, were charged at Halifax with cruelty to a cow by allowing it to be overstocked with milk.

Mr Yates, Inspector for Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, said he saw the defendants in charge of three heifers at the market. One of them was very restless and suffering from an overstocked udder.

Earnshaw said he had attended the market for over fifty years. The cow had been milked that morning, an hour and a half before the inspector saw it. The Chairman remarked that the defendant would be aware it was a custom to take cows to the market with the bag full. Earnshaw was fined £1 with £1 5s costs, or one month in default, with the other case dismissed


He married Hannah [1814-1895].


  1. Dan [1856-1891]

Elkanah died 7th March 1891 (aged 76).

Hannah died 17th August 1895 (aged 81).

Members of the family were buried at Mount Zion Methodist Chapel, Ogden (Grave Ref: Gs23

Earnshaw, FredRef 203-149
[1885-1918] Son of Samuel Earnshaw.

Born in Todmorden.

He was a cotton weaver [1901].

On 3rd February 1912, he married Sarah Hannah Dawson [1886-1915] at Mankinholes Wesleyan Methodist Chapel.

Sarah Hannah was born in Todmorden

During World War I, he served as a Private with Y Siege Park Royal Army Service Corps.

He died 24th November 1918 (aged 33).

He was buried at Étaples Military Cemetery, France [Grave Ref LI A 20].

He is remembered in the Todmorden Garden of Remembrance

Probate records show that he left effects valued at £250 5/5d.

Administration was granted to his father Samuel

Earnshaw, GeorgeRef 203-4570
[1827-19??] Son of Samuel Earnshaw.

He was a commission agent (stuff goods) [1858].

He married (1) Unknown.

On 11th February 1858, he married (2) Ann Bateman [1828-1910] at Zion Chapel, Halifax.

They had no children

They lived at Southgate, Halifax [1858]

Earnshaw, HarryRef 203-6
[1879-19??] Son of (possibly) Elizabeth Sunderland & George Edward Earnshaw, overlooker.

He was a porter of 19 Rose Terrace, Halifax [1908].

In 1908, he married Ellen Wormald.

Ellen was the daughter of
Jonas Wormald


  1. Unknown

They lived at 31 Handel Street, Hopwood Lane, Halifax.

Living with them [in 1911], was Ellen's father Jonas Wormald

Earnshaw, HarryRef 203-12
[1879-1946] Son of Sam Earnshaw.

In 1907, he married Sarah Ellen Eglin in Halifax.

Sarah Ellen was born in Halifax [4th February 1884], the daughter of William Paterson Eglin

Harry died 11th April 1946 (aged 67).

Sarah died 11th February 1955.

The couple were buried at All Saints' Church, Dudwell with Harry's parents

Earnshaw, HenryRef 203-9

He married Elizabeth [1800-1843].


  1. Mary [1823-1873] who married William Hodgson, & was buried with her parents

Henry died 7th August 1844 (aged 50).

Elizabeth died 17th December 1843 (aged 43).

The couple were buried at Lister Lane Cemetery [Plot 2742]

Earnshaw, HenryRef 203-2
[1837-1899] (Possibly) son of Abraham Earnshaw

Born in Southowram.

He was a part-timer in mill [1851] / a stone dresser [1861] / a farmer of 13 acres (no hands) & stone delver [1871] / a stone delver [1881].

He married Ann [1835-1911].

Ann was born in Southowram.

She was a carpet setter (at carpet works) [1861, 1881]


They lived at

  • 20 Bank Top, Southowram [1861]
  • Field House, Southowram [1871]

Henry died 31st March 1899 (aged 62).

Ann died 13th May 1911 (aged 76).

Members of the family were buried at St Anne's Church, Southowram [Grave Ref: R-D6]

Earnshaw, IsaacRef 203-15
[1791-1871] Born in Elland / Norland.

He was an ag.lab [1841] / an ag.lab working for Joshua Waddington [1861] / an ag.lab [1871].

He married Ann [1794-1866].


  1. Martha [b 1821]
  2. Harriet [b 1823]
  3. Lydia [1825-1876] who married James Cragg and  was buried with her parents
  4. Joseph [b 1827]
  5. Miles [b 1830]
  6. James

The family lived at

Ann died 19th November 1866 (aged 72).

Isaac died 29th August 1871 (aged 80).

The couple were buried at Lister Lane Cemetery [Plot 3168] with John Lowther [1843-1863]

Earnshaw, J.Ref 203-288
[18??-19??] Cycle dealer at Halifax.

In July 1893, he was declared bankrupt

Earnshaw, JamesRef 203-14
[1837-1877] Son of Isaac Earnshaw.

He was a railway plate layer / night watchman at Beacon Hill Tunnel.

On the evening of Saturday 1st September 1877, he and watchman William Randall were on duty in the Tunnel, sitting by their respective fires, about 70 yards apart.

Around 2:00 am, Randall, noticing that Earnshaw's fire was getting low, called out, but received no reply from Earnshaw. Walking over, Randall found Earnshaw's body lying on the four-foot (line), having been run over by a passing train. He had sustained a severe cut behind the right ear.

At the Inquest [Station Hotel 4th September 1877], the Jury returned a verdict of Accidentally killed by a passing train.

He was buried at Lister Lane Cemetery [Plot 3168] with his parents

Earnshaw, JamesRef 203-340
[1???-1???] Constable at Todmorden & Walsden [1776]

Earnshaw, JamesRef 203-745
[1827-1???] Born in Todmorden.

He was innkeeper at the Bay Horse, Todmorden [1866, 1871].

In 1865, he married Hannah Clegg [1838-1???] from Bacup, in Todmorden

Earnshaw, JamesRef 203-8
[1827-1???] Born in Halifax.

He was a mechanic's fitter & turner [1881].

He married Unknown.


  1. Walter S. [b 1862] who was a pattern maker [1881]

In [Q3] 1876, he married Louisa in Halifax.

Louisa was the widow of
Henry Farrar

Earnshaw, JohnRef 203-315
[16??-17??] Curate at Luddenden [1720]

Earnshaw, JohnRef 203-733
[18??-1905] He was landlord of the Shoulder of Mutton, Mixenden [1903, 1905].

He married Elizabeth.

He is mentioned in the List of Local Wills: 1905.

Elizabeth took over at the Shoulder of Mutton [1905]

Earnshaw, Rev John WilliamRef 203-556
[1834-1884] BA.

Son of Stephen Earnshaw.

He was born in Potternewton, Leeds.

Baptised at St Bartholomew's, Ripponden [14th November 1834]

He was educated at Heath Grammar School (where he was a prizeman), and St Catherine's Cambridge [1853] before becoming Usher at Heath Grammar School [1857-8], ordained at Ripon [1859], curate at Birstall [1860, 1861], and perpetual curate at Birkenshaw with Hunsworth [1863-1884]

On 28th June 1859, he married Sarah Jane Turney [1829-1905] at Halifax Parish Church.

Sarah Jane was born in Ovenden, the daughter of Thomas Turney


  1. William Tilney (Turney) [1860-1861]
  2. John Watkinson [1861-1924]
  3. Thomas Turney Tilney [1862-1884]
  4. Charles Edward [1868-1868]
  5. Ethelreda [1869-1937]

They lived at

  • Birstall [1861]
  • Birkenshaw [1863-1884]

He died at Birkenshaw [22nd March 1884].

Probate records show that he left a personal estate valued at £3,708 1/-.

The will was proved by his widow Sarah Jane

Sarah Jane died in 1905.

The couple were buried together

Earnshaw, John WilliamRef 203-143
[1892-1918] Son of Martha & James Earnshaw of 658 Burnley Road, Cornholme.

During World War I, he served as a Private with the 1st/7th Battalion with the Lancashire Fusiliers.

He died 25th March 1918 (aged 25).

He is remembered on the Arras Memorial, France [Grave Ref 5], in the Todmorden Garden of Remembrance, and on Shore War Memorial

Earnshaw, MichaelRef 203-677
[1???-16??] He was Constable of Sowerby [1652-3]

Earnshaw, MissesRef 203-511
In 1845, they ran a school in Brighouse

Earnshaw, Rev Richard FouldsRef 203-290
[1845-1898] Son of Mary & John Earnshaw, a book keeper.

Born in Sowerby.

In 1892, he married Sarah Emma Wilson in Northampton.


  1. John Lewis William [1884-1961] who died in Australia
  2. Silvester William Penn

He died in Middlesbrough [27th December 1898]

Earnshaw, SamRef 203-661
[1???-1???] Partner in Standeven & Earnshaw and Earnshaw & Fletcher

Earnshaw, SamRef 203-13
[1893-1926] Born 11th April 1893.

He married Frances Rosemond Blagbrough [1852-1924].

France was born in 16th May 1852


  1. Harry

Sam died 18th December 1926.

Sam died 13th November 1924.

Members of the family were buried at All Saints' Church, Dudwell

Earnshaw, SamuelRef 203-634
[18??-19??] Joiner, builder and undertaker.

The business is recorded at 7 Ferguson Street, Halifax [1905, 1915, 1936].

Earnshaw, SamuelRef 203-213
[1856-19??] Born in Todmorden.

He was a cotton weaver [1901, 1918].

He married Emma [1857-19??].


  1. Arthur [b 1880] who was a cotton weaver [1901]
  2. John [b 1882] who was an iron turner [1901]
  3. Fred
  4. William [b 1888] who was a cotton doffer [1901]
  5. Ellen [b 1890]
  6. Edgar [b 1894]

The family were born in Todmorden.

The family lived at 78 Industrial Street, Todmorden [1901]

Earnshaw, Silvester William PennRef 203-277
[1887-1934] FZS.

Son of Rev Richard Foulds Earnshaw

Born in Leicester.

He died in St Pancras

Earnshaw, StephenRef 203-689
[1799-1879] He was a teacher of mathematics [1851] / a master at Rishworth School [1834-1860].

On 15th July 1830, he married Selina Tilney [1802-1861] at St Peter's Leeds

Selina was born in Leeds


  1. John William

They lived at Rishworth

Earnshaw, ThomasRef 203-5
[1790-18??] He served with the 2nd Battalion 84th Foot York & Lancaster Regiment in the Peninsular War

Earnshaw, WilliamRef 203-10
[1834-1892] Born in Haworth [19th January 1834].

He was a shopkeeper [1871] / a grocer [1881] / a quarryman [1891].

In [Q3] 1866, he married Nancy Tempest [1825-1908] in Halifax.

Nancy was born in Clifton [14th December 1825]


  1. (adopted daughter) Martha A. Watson [b 1856]

They lived at

  • Slack End, Northowram [1871, 1881]
  • Ashleigh, Shay Lane, Ovenden [1891]

Living with them [in 1881] was widowed mother-in-law Jane Dawson.

Living with them [in 1891] was Nancy's widowed sister, Ann Lister.

William died 30th June 1892 (aged 58).

Nancy died 14th May 1908 (aged 83).

The couple were buried at Lister Lane Cemetery [Plot 1649] with Samuel Lister

Earnshaw, WilliamRef 203-8500
[1770-1836] Of Brighouse.

In 1805, he and John Clay bought Brookfoot Corn Mill.

William died 27th March 1836.

He was buried at the Quaker Burial Ground, Rastrick

See Clay & Earnshaw

Earnshaw, WilliamRef 203-746
[1799-1848] He was innkeeper at the Bay Horse, Todmorden [1841].

He married Mary [1806-1???].

Living with them at the Bay Horse [in 1841] were Mary Earnshaw [aged 15] (female servant), William Earnshaw [aged 25] (labourer), John Earnshaw [aged 15] (labourer), Robert Barker [aged 14] (labourer), William Barker [aged 11], and James Barker [aged 7].

He was buried at Christ Church, Todmorden

Earnshaw, WilliamRef 203-11

He married Sarah Ann [1835-1911].


  1. Annie who died 13th September 1869 (aged 9 weeks)   
  2. Emma [1865-1869]
  3. Louisa [1865-1928]

William died 19th December 1899 (aged 67).

Sarah Ann died 26th January 1911 (aged 76).

The couple & the children were buried at Lister Lane Cemetery [Plot 2298]

Earnshaw, William HenryRef 203-3
[1880-1915] Son of Ann & Jonathan Earnshaw of Bradfield.

In [Q1] 1909, he married Elizabeth Emma Hague in Wortley, Yorkshire.

During World War I, he served as a Private with the 3rd Battalion Duke of Wellington's (West Riding Regiment).

He died in Halifax [5th March 1915] (aged 35).

He is remembered with a CWGC headstone at Stoney Royd Cemetery.

In [Q2] 1918, Elizabeth Emma married John W. Poppleton in Wortley.

They lived at Sykehouse Lane, Dungworth, Sheffield.


Earnshaw surnameRef 203-1

The Surname is discussed in the book Halifax & District Surnames by George Redmonds.

There are 40 entries on the Calderdale Companion for people with the surname Earnshaw, as discussed in this SideTrack. This count does not include other forms of the surname.

Unattached BMDs for Earnshaw

Marriages 1874, 1896, 1906; Death 1900

Unattached burials at Lister Lane Cemetery: Plot 3380


See Shaw

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