Documents relating to Ravenkil


The following documents mention Ravenkil and members of his family

Grant by Roger the Poictevin [Count/Earl Roger of Poictou] to the Abbey of St Martin of Sees [in Normandy] of the Church of St Mary of Lancaster and other churches, lands and tithes in his fief of Lancaster. Said to date AD1094 [Register of the Priory of St Mary of Lancaster, Brit Mus. Harl. MS 3764, fol. 1a]

Grant commences with

In the name and honour of the blessed and undivided Trinity let it be know to all those present and in the future that Roger Count Pictobencis for the salvation of his soul and that of his father Roger of Shrewsbury and his mother Countess Mabel and for his brothers and all his friends grant to God and St Martin and the brethren the church of St Mary of Lancaster with everything which pertains to it..... 


A number of researchers have copied the grant in its Latin form and have come up with variations as to their reading of the names in the witness list.

The name of interest here has been copied as Romkil filius Raign' [being Romkil son of Raign'].

Farrer has interpreted the name as Ravanchil filius Raigenald, as below:

Witness list as copied by W. Farrer, in Lancashire Pipe Rolls and Early Charters, p.289:

The above list may be transcribed as

[the said] Count (Earl) and his daughter Sibilla and Godfrey the sheriff and Albert Grelett, R son of Robert, Geoffrey Boisell, Albert his brother, Pagan de Vileres, Rainuuard, V son of Alumae, Orm son of Ketell, Ulf son of Torolf etc Ravanchil son of Raigenald

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