The Crossley family
Hebden Bridge

The Crossley family built much property in Hebden Bridge, including Crossley Mill, Hebden Bridge, Crossley's Houses alongside the canal, and Crossley Terrace.

They are descended from the Crossleys of Grain in Wadsworth. An early member of the family was Samuel Crossley.

The family were not connected to the Crossleys of Todmorden or the Crossleys of Halifax.

In 1820, after the Rochdale Canal was built through Hebden Bridge and New Road had been constructed, John Crossley purchased the land on which he had constructed a cotton & worsted spinning mill and adjoining houses – see Crossley Mill, Hebden Bridge [Source 1] / [Source 2]

The mill was originally 5 storeys plus an attic, but, in the 1870s, it was reduced to a one-storey weaving shed [Source 3]

There is evidence of a connection from the mill all the way through numbers 1 to 11 on the bottom floor (archways) and evidence of fixings made to the floors (for the looms?) and hooks (to hang cloths?). Numbers 13 and 15 were also connected to the mill via the top floor. The stone work on the outside still shows traces of where steps and doors were.

If housing the handloom weavers was the original purpose for these houses, then this had ceased to be the case by the 1841 census as only one person was described as a cotton weaver (not necessarily a handloom weaver.) However there were a large number of residents who probably worked at the mill.

In 1822, a warehouse was built across the road and a gantry over the road connected the two. [Source 2] Alongside, in the same year, Crossley Terrace was built. [Source 4]


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