Documents relating to Robert Pilkington

The following documents mention Robert Pilkington and members of his family

The following story about Robert comes from an article by Dr Rosemary C. E. Hayes in The North of England in the Age of Richard III

On Shrove Tuesday 1477, Leonard Metcalf was playing football at Pontefract and accidentally hit Pilkington with his ball. Pilkington drew his dagger (worth 20d) and Metcalf apologised profusely. Thinking that all was settled, he then turned back to carry on with the game when Pilkington killed him with a knife wound to the heart.

Pilkington was later sentenced to hang for this and for cattle theft associated with setting fire to a chapel in which one of the Stansfields was trying to hide from him

He claimed the benefit of clergy and was successful


Inquisition post mortem Robert Pylkyngton, esquire.

Writ 20 May, 12 Henry VII; inquisition 28 October 13 Henry VII

John, abbot of Fountains, was seised in fee, in right of his church of Fountains, of the under-mentioned manor of Bradley, and being so seised, by his charter, with the consent of his convent, gave it to the said Robert Pilkyington and the heirs male of his body lawfully begotten, by virtue whereof Robert was seised of it in fee tail. He was seised in fee tail, to himself and the heirs male of his body issuing, by the gift of Robert Chaloner and James Smethurst, chaplain, of the under-mentioned messuage called Ayneley Graunge, etc., and the advowson of Pilkyngton Chauntry, and being so seised by charter enfeoffred Thomas Sayvile, esquire, John Nabbes, clerk, rector of Bury, Robert Chaloner and William Wilkynson, thereof, for the performance of certain covenants between him and Nicholas Sayvile, as by the same charter, and a certain indenture, more fully appears. He died the last day of January, 12 Henry VII, seised in fee tail of the under-mentioned land etc. in Kyghley etc. and Ovenden. Arthur Pilkyngton, aged 15 and more, is his son and next heir.

YORK. Manor, or grange, of Bradley, 1000a. land, 2000a. pasture, 100a. meadow, 300a. wood, 1000a. moor, in Bradley, worth nothing beyond outgoings, held of the said John, abbot of Fountains by knight service, viz. 1/20 of a knight's fee, and 16l. and 1lb. pepper rent yearly. Messuage called Ayneley Graunge, 200a. land, 20a. pasture, 12a. wood, in Eland, worth 33s. 4d., held of the king, as of the duchy of Lancaster, by 1d. rent for all service. Two messuages, 60a. land, 4a. meadow, 20a. pasture, 6a. wood, in Rawmersh, held of the abbot of Roche, service unknown. Four acres of meadow [or land] in Almondbury, worth 3s., held of the king, as of the duchy of Lancaster, by 12d, rent yearly for all service. A messuage, 80a. land, 10a. meadow, 20a. pasture, 20a. wood, in Kirkeheton, two messuages, 100a. land and 6a. meadow in the same, and a messuage and one oxgang of land in Lyversege, worth 12d. over and above the rent, held of the abbot of Fountains, by 10 marks rent yearly for all service. A rent of 6s. 8d. in Dalton, held of Henry Everyngham, service unknown. Three roods of land in Hodilston, worth 6d., held of the archbishop of York, by 1/4d. rent yearly for all service. Ten acres of land and 2a, meadow, in Stanley, Wakefeld, Roberthorp, Snaypthorp, Flansawe and Thornes, formerly Oliver Reynold's; the manors of Snaypthorp and Lupsett, formerly of John Gargrave and of William his son; the manor of Elfletburgh; two messuages 200a, land, 60a. meadow, 160a, pasture and 20a. wood in Stansfeld, formerly John Uttley's; a messuage called le Hyrst, 60a. land 10a. meadow and 20a. pasture in Langfeld, formerly Robert Shagh's [elsewhere described as a messuage called le Hyrst 60a. land, 10a. meadow, 6a. wood in Waddesworth]; two messuages, 60a. land, 10a. meadow and 20a pasture in Langfeld, formerly John Brigg's; a messuage called Whitelegh, 40a. land, 12a. meadow and 10a. wood in Miggeley; 100a. land called Kebroide and Highroide in Soureby; worth in all 40s., held of the king, as of his lordship of Wakefield, by 10 marks rent yearly for all service. A toft, 35a. land, 22a. [or 2a.] pasture called le Westriddyng and 6a. meadow, in Wistowe, held of the archbishop of York, service unknown. A messuage and 42.1/2a. land, in Wistowe, worth 40s., held of the said archbishop, by 2s. rent yearly, for all service. Twenty acres of land, 4a. meadow lying in Heley within the town of Stanley, formerly of William Scargill, esquire, worth 13s. 8d., held of the king, as of his lordship of Wakefeld, by the rent of a rose yearly, for all service. A rent of 4s.2d from a toft in Wakefeld, late in the tenure of John Bannastre, held of the king, as of the lordship of Wakefeld, by fealty only, for all service. A rent fo service of 7s. 1d. in Waddesworth, held of the king, as of the lordship of Wakefeld, by fealty only, for all service. The advowson of a perpetual chantry founded at the alter of St Mary the Virgin in the south arch of the parish church of All Saints, Wakefeld called Pilkyngton chauntry, held of the king, as of the lordship fo Wakefeld by fealty only, for all service. A messuage, 300a. and, 100a. meadow, 20a. wood, in Kyghley, Scoles and Uttley, formerly Ellis Rayneforth's, held of Henry Kyghley, service unknown. A toft, 100a. land, 40a. pasture called Littell Bradshagh and Mikilbradshagh in Ovenden, worth 10s., held of the king, as of the lordship of Wakefeld by 1d. rent yearly for all service.

[C. Series II. Vol, 12. (3). Calendar of Inquisitions Post Mortem and other analogous documents, Henry VII Vol II]


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