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John Hemingway Book
1809 December 21st Taken in 57 numbers£ s d
at 13 pence each amount to Binding£3 1s 9d
 £1 1s 6d
 £4 2s 9d
January 11th 1812 Married at Halifax Parish Church by the Rev. William Willmott Master of Arts To Mary Brier of Bradshaw – John Hemingway Southowram.

Had issue as Under

Daughter Mary born Saturday morning one O clock July 25th 1812 Died the following day.

Brother Samuel Died May 22nd 1812 Friday noon.

Sister Mary Died March 6th 1813 Saturday afternoon.

Samuel Aged 28 years 42 weeks & 3 days on May 22nd.

Mary Aged 40 years on March 4th.

Son Edward born Saturday night December 4th 1873 at 20 minutes before 6 O clock at night.

Son Isaac born February 2nd 1816 Friday morning ½ past 3 O clock christened at Illingworth Church.

John born Saturday morning ½ 3 O clock on April 18th 1818 Christened at New Church Southowram.

Hannah born November 12th 1820 Wednesday night 20 minutes past 9 O clock, Christened at Halifax Church in December.

Mary Ann born Wednesday 26th February 1823, 20 minutes after o clock, Christened at Southowram Church by Rev. John Hope on April 27th.

Samuel born May 22nd 1825 Christened at Southowram Church born before 8 O clock night.

Simeon born Tuesday February 11th 1828 at 30 minutes after 6 O clock at night, Christened at Southowram Church.

Died as unders

Father Hemingway Died February 14th 1829 Aged 81 years and 10 months Buried at South behy

Mother Do Died January 22nd 1815 Aged 68 years 200 days

Father Brian Died October 19th 1829 Aged 75 years – Buried at Illingworth Chapell

Mother Brian Died May 1st 1831 Aged 75 years – Buried at Illingworth Chapell

Daughter Hannagh Died April 7th 1823 aged 2 years 5 months – Buried at Southowram Chapell

Simeon Died November 12th 1828 aged 9 months – Buried at Southowram Chapell

My dear Wife Died October 13th 1849 in the 56 years of her Age. Mary Hemingway Died in the Triumph of Faith about ½ past 2am fathers day at noon.

Father Hemingway Died March 2nd 1857 Aged 71 years

Brother Isaac Died April 4th 1857 aged 41 years

Sister Jane Died August 11th 1864

Above copied over John Hemingway pencil November 20th 1880 E.H.

John Hemingway Junior Died October 28th 1873

Samuel Hemingway Married April 27th 1876 to Emma Elizabeth Dusart at the Parish Church of Oundle, Northamptonshire by the Rev. Harper Hoare.

Born January 27th 1877 (Premature & Still Born)
George Samuel Son of the above.


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